Saturday, 20 September 2014

Keep Calm & Speak to Nigeria!

Nigeria!!!! Open up your mouth and swallow up
all your enemies now! In Jesus name. Amen!
So, we have prayed for Nigeria. We have decreed, declared and confessed divine healing and recovery over her. Bound and Loosed for her sake as well as ours. And I honestly believe our cries to God for Nigeria have not gone un-heeded. If we think about it we will see that 'God is truly Nigerian'. We should have gone  up in flames by now. But Mercy said 'No'. But Pastor Olawale taught me last night that the time has come to quit praying for Nigeria. She needs to act for herself. So we need to speak to her and tell her what to do. I was so caught up in the prayers I could not write all the scriptures but THIS one I will never forgot because it was so on point. Truly, the Bible is a veritable manual for Life. 

*Calling out in a loud voice*  Nigeria!!!!!!!

Boko Haram members are mere mortals! They are not God! Their moles and informants are flesh and not spirit! So today, Nigeria, ARISE and cause all those helping/sponsoring/supporting Boko Haram to stumble. Let the entire Boko Haram movement itself  to fall! They should not only all fall but they should all perish together in Jesus Christ name! Amen! 
(Isaiah 31:3)

Everyday, let's speak to Nigeria and let the above (and any other one you can find in your Bible) be our message to her. 

P. S. I brag on God for the RCCG School of Discipleship. Their vigil, which I had the privilege of attending last night, totally rocked in an 'I heard God kind of way'!    


  1. You know, I had the opportunity to sit with an Israeli two weeks ago and I had a paradigm shift regarding this terrorism issue we are facing in Nigeria.

    They are humans, mere foot soldiers with native intelligence. Nigeria can defeat them, she knows what to do and have the resources but is reluctant for reasons best known to her. We can only speculate but we really do need to speak to Her.

    Joining you in speaking the word...

    1. Indeed Abiola, i have heard some things to that make me sad. Sometimes I wonder how much collateral damage is TOO much. How greedy and power drunk can our leaders be? How come I keep hearing that it's complicated.....? But you know, many of us are speaking to Her and I believe she is listening. And acting. Thanks for coming by. Appreciate it.


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