Sunday, 14 September 2014

Keep Calm and Pray For Nigeria

I saw the saddest photo on Twitter yesterday. It was of a little boy being carried crying into an Ebola Isolation Centre. My heart and eyes which were already teetering on the verge of tears just leapt over the cliff. I wept. I could see the anguish on his face. It broke my heart. We must pray no such photos are taken of any Nigerian child. Personally, we, my MGM and I will choose the resumption date for our child. Nothing going on right now inspires my confidence to leave that decision to the Government. There was another photo I saw. At first look it was a lovely photo of smiling nurses. My inner smile froze as I read the caption. They all worked in an Ebola Isolation unit in one of the worst hit countries. They all, about six or seven of them, are now dead. We must pray for all our medical personnel in Nigeria. This plague will not kill them. Thus far with our dear Dr. Adadevoh and others and no more! I hear bits and pieces of information bringing what has been done in the dark out into the light concerning those backing Boko Haram. We must pray for Nigeria. All those who have contributed to this human scourge must die by the very same means their stooges have killed others. Yes, as they have sown so must they reap. True God is merciful but I doubt these people are calling on him for mercy. They are too busy being power-thirsty and greedy! I say 'Off with their heads!'. This is my prayer for my Nigeria. I am praying it calmly and fervently. How bout you? 

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