Saturday, 13 September 2014

Keep Calm and Focus on God.

I have about 52 'Keep Calm' messages penned down in my notebook. This is not one of them. This one was birthed today out of a situation that made me mad. Please, anybody who comes here thinking I am trying to form 'perfect and holier than thou' should please check out now and never come back. If you do not have enough wisdom to know that in spite of all my highs I also have lows? I cannot help you. This post is born of one of my most recent lows. So get with the program! True, I am a woman of God but that does not exempt me from trials and temptations. I get angry too. I fall too. I sin too!  Because, like you, my old man does not want to stay crucified. But perhaps unlike you, I understand God's love for me. It's bigger than me and my sins. And what my understanding gives rise to in me is a desire to please The One who loves me so much. Regardless. Every single day, this will be my aim: To please God. Every way I can.

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