Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Let's Partner with CEE-HOPE To Beat Ebola!

(Updated 21 August 2014: I posted this before I found out Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh had died. I was very sad, then very mad, then very determined. Dr. Adadevoh will NOT die in vain. 
I had not seen her in ages but I will not forget how she took care of my family from 1994 to 2006. And I will not forget that but for her, Nigeria would be fighting a bigger battle right now! Dr. Adadevoh died to save many. Let’s fight to save more! CEE-HOPE already has a plan to take awareness to the masses in those areas I honestly believe are being forgotten. Places where TV, Radio and Internet might not be available. Please partner with this NGO in honour of Dr. Adadevoh.  NOW more than ever I beg you to read the blog below and find out more about CEE-HOPE’s plans. Remember that the more people keep safe, the safer YOU are! No more deaths by Ebola!
Join the CEE-HOPE Army today! And please SHARE!. Thank you)

Nigeria Will Beat Ebola! And You Can Help! Partner with CEE-HOPE today as it embarks on this laudable campaign!

Let’s move from talking about the problem. Let’s become part of the solution. I am confident that, with God and us doing our own bit, our country will beat this plague!

Awareness is Key!

This is why I am sending out the call to all concerned individuals and organisations to partner with CEE-HOPE to fight Ebola today and our primary weapon is INFORMATION!

CEE-HOPE is commencing a 12-community outreach on Ebola awareness to poor and excluded neighbourhoods across Lagos. I am certain I don’t need to explain why this is important. They need our help and no amount is too big or too little for this. Here is what they need our help to do:

1.  Produce and print awareness posters (in English, Yoruba and Pidgin)
2.  Purchase and Distribute hand sanitizers to the communities (homes, schools, hospitals, etc.)
3.  Purchase and Distribute Hand Gloves and masks for medical personnel in the communities.
4.  Provide Funds for Logistics.

CEE-HOPE is targeting 12 communities between now and October 2014. Will you help?

Please say ‘Yes’ and contact Betty Abah now via her email: bettyabah@gmail.com

It is my hope that you will not just stop at donating funds yourself but that you will go out there and talk to whoever can make corporate sponsorship happen at your place of employment. I have already started engaging some people where I work and I pray something will come of it. You can also engage people you know own businesses! Please! The worst that will happen is they will say ‘No’. But we would have tried! Come on people! Let’s do this!

Nigeria will win this battle against Ebola. Please be part of  our joint victory!


  1. Hi Aunty Bimbo! Proud of u! This is Dolapo Conteh your coz and Aunty Lola's daughter.

  2. Thank you dear Cousin! Thanks for coming by and GREAT to connect with you FINALLY!


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