Sunday, 13 July 2014

Still I Smile

Life truly sucks sometimes. But still I smile.

Because, as awful as things get sometimes God always goes out of His way to give me something to smile about. He does that for all His children actually but many of us choose not to see our 'silver linings'. So we miss out on smiling in the face of our pain. I strive to frustrate the devil as often as I can so the clouds may loom dark and heavy. Still I smile. 

Because, as awful as things get sometimes God always goes out of His way to be there with me. He is true to His word. He never leaves me. Even in the sucky murky places. He is there. As words of encouragement from a person who understands and does not judge. Denise, thank you. As e-hugs from a person whose voice as you imagine it comforts you. Mrs. Gąska, my Aburo-child, thank you. I strive to frustrate the devil anyway I can so all may not be as I would want it to be. Still I smile.

Because, as awful as things get sometimes God always goes out of His way to show me that I am still victorious. No matter how things may be. Business might be tough. Finances, red. Work, hard. None of that makes me any less of a Conqueror! Because Jesus Christ died that I might win. Yesterday, in spite of all the pain and stress that life sometimes can be, I was still winning. Yes! Because yesterday, my MGM graduated from Bible College! My, oh my! What a feat! Glory to God Most High! In fact, as he explained to me today,  the devil and it's cohorts probably have been concoting all these shenanigans against us BECAUSE of this truly wonderful journey my MGM has been on. I am so proud of you my love. Well done! True, you drive me insane sometimes but you know I love you deeply and I could never thank you enough for taking this step for yourself and indeed for our family. I strive to frustrate the devil using anyone I can and you my MGM just gave me one more reason to smile in in the midst of the fire! Thank you! Congratulations to you! Glory be to God! 

The Henry Essien Family have a Pastor in the house! 

Let somebody shout Hallelujah!!!

Ewa bami gbe gba ope o!
We we we!

Behold! The Bible College Graduate! My MGM!


  1. Congratulations to our newest pastor. Of a truth our God is good and we should always have a confident expectation of good everyday. God bless you and yours richly IJN.

  2. Even in face of trouble,yet i smile.Even in challenges,i smile.Even when everyone and everything seems to be against me,i smile.Congrats to him,may heavenly God use him to touch people and win more souls for his.Hearty cheers and congrats Pastor!

  3. Mo ba yin gbe gba ope o, my sister. Blessings in abundance.


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