Saturday, 19 July 2014

Salt @ ROTH 2014: God Ordains HIS Best.

Actually, I was barely at ROTH 2014

And I spent most of my yesterday distraught and angry at all the things that had happened to keep me from being there. Why PapaGod? Why are you allowing all this happen? At some point yesterday, when I was about to erupt in fits of  vexing God told me to get over myself. Did I think, He asked me, that ROTH 2014 could not go on without me? Did I think my being there would make His presence less or more? You and I know the answers to these questions, right? As long as He was there, THAT was all that mattered.  And, as has been confirmed, God was fully in the house.

So I could not make Day 1 but I planned to be at Day 2. After my mgm's baptism.Yes! Today, the 19th of July 2014, I stood by (and recorded of course) my husband being baptized by immersion! It was very moving for me. What a truly wonderful thing God has done for us through Jesus Christ: By a simple act of faith, we become one with Christ in his death, resurrection and ascension into glory but without all the pain. All that is dead is gone. New life has come! I am truly grateful to have been there. But as said Baptism ran late, I ran late getting to ROTH. So, I asked my Mgm to 'escort' me to ROTH to ease the edge of my tardiness *smiling*.  Graciously, even though he was tired and hungry, he agreed. I don't know if it worked BUT one thing I am certain of now more than ever is this:

God ordained it ALL! Yes, He did! He kept what I believe was 'our' best for us. We got there just as Irene Olumese was about to share and I was so happy we were both there to listen to her testimony. Anyone going through trials in life needs to listen to this woman. She gives you a fresh perspective. She should be re-named 'Grace' for she truly personifies the word. I left the venue saying to myself: If Irene Titilola Olumese could do it, so can we! She has been through so, so, so much and yet she still stands. We will stand too! Kept by the Grace of God. So, long story short (or long *smiling*), all things worked out for good in the end.

Now, I thank God for not giving me what I wanted because His BEST was better.

And, I have no doubt women were blessed by not just Irene but all the other speakers too. Had I the chance, here is what I would have said about the speakers.

Liz tells me she is shy YET she still stands up to be counted! She is shy YET totally ambitious and all about God's Kingdom! I love that. Because for me, this means she is not asking me to be perfect or strong or out-going. She is asking me to want to 'do for God'. She is telling me that my desire to work for God will always chase all limitations and inhibitions away! Is this not something we all need to hear every once in a while. Do it afraid......God has got your back. 

Audrey is a woman who has successfully worked with her husband for years! In fact, their company recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. For this reason alone, she must be applauded. *smiling. Seriously though, we all know that doing business in Nigeria especially is not easy so you must see it as something more than just business. You must see it as a mandate. A divine mandate. That is how Audrey sees her walk with her God and her husband. 

I kid you not. This woman knows stuff! I visited her blog and she is answering questions from how to keep breast milk fresh to how do get rid of excessive sweating, to dealing with bald spots to help for diabetics AND she even giving tips on doing laundry right! I am so glad she was at ROTH. I bet she had a whole lot to share with the participants. I know I learnt one or two new things just by spending some time on her blog.

My oh my....There is no one I can think of better to speak on this subject of Graced for Glory! She is the personification of the words 'Living by his Grace'. I have never read any of her blogs and not come away feeling goose bumps. Through all she has gone through, she smiles. Regardless.

Pam Ross is a TTA. Yes, she is Teacher. Trainer, Author. You know why she inspires me? She does one minute blogs! Short, crisp, teaching blogs for leaders in waiting. As you can see by the length of my blogs, short blogs are not my strong suit. *smiling*

I found a lovely video clip celebrating Pastor Oreofe. There were so many words used to describe her and the first that caught my attention was 'Prayer Warrior' because it made sense considering what she was to share at ROTH . She was also described as 'Chief Servant of example' which I love, 'Disciplinarian' which I love even more and then 'Woman of Excellence'. For such a woman to come speak to us about Prayer is just on point.

Leadership is a combination of strategy and character. But if you have to do it without one of them, let it be strategy. If you get a mail from Bidemi, at the bottom of her sign off, this quote by Norman Swarzkopf is what she will leaving lingering on your mind. If I have to say one thing about this woman, it is this: Bidemi has character but for me, what makes the deal even sweeter is that Bidemi has heart. Like me, she wants her heart to beat like God's.

Roz Knigten-Warfield was not  a speaker but  she was one of the reasons why I was so looking forward to being at ROTH. I still got to meet her albeit for a few brief moments and we got to take a photo together so it is all good. Still, I forgot your copy of True Confessions and Irene's too! I hope I can still get them to you both before you leave o! *smiling* 

To God be all the glory for a glorious God-ordained day. 


  1. Oh, I bless the name of The Lord for a his sustaining grace. Truly, my middle name is Grace in motion. It was great finally meeting you with you today. I wished we had more time to talk. I rejoice with you and your MGM. God ALWAYS work ALL things together for our good. So glad you both made it there - PURPOSE!

    1. I wish we had more time too but God knows best and at His time we shall have a good nice sit down visit.....But trust me, that long, tight hug you gave me was and will always be precious. Even now I can feel your arms around me. Thank you so much. When do you go back? May I have a delivery address so I can send your copy of True Confessions to you?

  2. Like you, all didn't go as I planned so I missed Day 1. I'm glad the Lord grated me the opportunity to listen to Irene's story. I was again vividly reminded that we belong to God. Our greatest gift from God is our ability to choose to trust Him more than what we experience. We tend to look at our circumstances and experiences. He wants us to look at what He is causing to bloom in us as we go through the fire of our circumstances - His character. Just listening to Irene showed me God's presence and power in her life.

    1. You were there on Day 2? Thank God. Yes, Life's experiences are universal. What set's each of us apart is our relationship with God and how we allow that colour our reactions...... It is all about TRUST. I trust is just hard sometimes agreeing about His Timing.....I usually want it now...He always says later...for my greater good. But we only see that AFTER, you know? Thanks for coming by. Wish I had been able to connect with you there. But again at God's own timing.


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