Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I Saw Jesus In Church On Sunday

You don't believe me? But, it's true. I saw Jesus Christ at Mercy Place Parish on Sunday. He looked just like any regular guy. In fact,he was just a regular guy. But he did an 'irregular' thing. He bucked the norm just like Jesus did. Like many of us find hard to do. Let me explain.

Two young children had been run over by a car along the Agungi-Chevron axis of the Lekki -Epe expressway. While others stood by, he took action. While others feared being held responsible, he put human life above such thoughts. While others sighed with pity as life seemingly ebbed out of these two young bodies, my regular guy sighed too but he did not stop there. He acted. He rushed these two kids to the closest hospital. On the way, he called a prayer warrior buddy and together they sustained those two lives by praying Life over them all the way to the hospital.

He had no clue how he would pay for their treatment. Getting there, he pledged the little he had on him promising to be back with more funds. I believe God went ahead of this guy seeing his heart because you and I know how hospitals can be sometimes in these situations. Long story short he ran to the church office to seek assistance and again, God had gone ahead of him. Someone, he did not say who but I have my suspicions, gave him more money. Funds in hand he dashed back to the hospital! To the glory of God, as at Sunday, one of the kids had been discharged. I saw him in church. Bruises on display but very much alive.  His parents came to say thank you to the church and to the regular guy. 

He might be the guy who drives the Church bus but in my eyes and I am sure in the eyes of the parents of these young children, he was much more. He  was Jesus Christ in the flesh. As we are all meant to be. And the sweet part is because of what he did, a clear wordless message of what true Christian love looks like was preached to a Moslem family. I doubt they will ever forget this guy. 

I know I won't. Even as i type this, i don't know his name but I will always remember the day I watched this 'Jesus' share his testimony in church. 

But the question for you and I is this. Would we have done what he did?

Is your life, as a Christian, a wordless sermon to the world?  

Think about it. Please. 


  1. Fantastic! Very inspiring...simply makes me want to be like Jesus in every situation. Thank you for sharing. God bless you sis.

    1. It is just too precious a story not to share. This guy himself was in awe of how a God came through for him. He was not sharing to say' look at me! See what I did' at all.

  2. Wow.... thanks for sharing this message. God bless xoxo

    1. God bless you too Funmi. I pray we all take a cue from this guy. Thanks for coming by!

  3. Inspiring and soul lifting message.Really,this is a touching writeup,thanks for sharing this story for us all to learn from.Am sure this story will stick in my head for a longwhile.

  4. Me too Olarewaju. Me too.

  5. Wordless sermon indeed! This should be the life of every Christian. Thaks for sharing ma

  6. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing.


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