Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I Have Stopped Caring

Let calm return, let all cares be gone!
No, I am not kidding. I really have.

Why? Well it is my humble submission today that when you care too much that is when the devil has a hold on you. I think I cared a little too much about certain things and so the enemy, being the goat that it is, has perfected the demonic act of turning my 'caring' against me. So I have decided to stop caring 'so much'.  You see the way I cared about things, it was becoming more of 'obsessive worrying' than caring. And worry, especially the obsessive kind is a sin. In my books. 

Yesterday, I was down in the proverbial dumps. Really down. As an aside, thank God you cannot tell what is going on in people's lives from their faces o. It would be a scary matter. I cannot begin to tell you how many people told me I was looking radiant yesterday. I was like 'for real? PapaGod, thank you for covering my gloom with your glory o! Anyway, as I was saying, so I was down in the dumps and as I moaned to my PapaGod as I am wont to do, I heard him say to me:

Salt, you care too much. It does not matter what is said to or about you. In fact, it does not matter what you say to and about yourself. All that matters is what I think about and say to you directly or out of my Word. If you want to care, care about that. Yes, if you want to ruminate over something. Choose my Word. If you want to stew and marinate yourself in anything; choose my Word. 

I wish I can say I listened right away. I did not. I was just so mad at it all. I was so upset that it is just now as I type these words that I can even find God's choice of words funny. Marinate ke? When did I become a steak ready to be grilled? Lol! Still, I knew God made sense (before nko?) but it all just felt so unfair and I honestly felt I had reached the brink. Who wants to be climbing Kilimanjaro for ever when each time you get close to the top, some evil force just steps on your fingers and makes you lose your grip? Not me. I was tired of crashing. So, I just sat where I was sitting, closing out my thoughts with work and random social media 'visits' trying to make God's words go away. They did not.

So I got up, logged off and made to go home. Stop caring. Stop caring. Stop caring so much. If you don't care, it cannot hurt you. If you don't care, the devil cannot taunt you. If you quit caring, you will stop having the need to explain yourself over and over. In fact, if you stop caring so much, believe it or not, you are actually demonstrating a new kind of faith.  What? I shrieked at myself as I engaged in this self talk. How is that faith now?

Well, Self said to Salt, if you stop caring so much, that would mean you are finally leaving it ALL to God. You are saying to God that you trust Him to defend you, cover you, stand up for you, fulfill you and protect the people you worry care about love so dearly. You will be saying that you recognise that you have been foolish all this time 'caring' so much. Because the truth is you can 'care' from now till thy kingdom come, it will not change a thing. That's God's job. He is the Unchanging Changer. All 'caring' does is give you more grey hair, deeper forehead wrinkles and worst of all,  high blood pressure. AND on top of that, you will be miserable bordering on depressed. Is that what you want?

'No ma'am' I responded to Self. 

'Good' Self said to Salt. So, this very minute, stop caring. Remember what Jesus Christ said? Cast your cares and burdens on me. Do yourself a favour and obey the Man.

People of God, in obedience to Christ, I have stopped caring. 

Psst! Err, surely you know that there is 'good/life-enhancing' caring and there is 'bad/life-draining' caring. I am stopping the bad one. Just saying. For clarity's sake. Oh and you are invited to join me in ditching the bad caring too o! Don't dull.


  1. Good afternoon Ma,the few Minutes i spent reading this article,i must say,wasn't wasted.
    My Name is Olanrewaju,am a 200level Management and Accounting student of Obafemi Awolowo University.I have being following your articles in 'The Difference Newspaper' where you also serve as,Contributing Editor. Am a student Journalist,and it will be my joy to work for 'The Difference Newspaper' though as a student.
    I have my CV here with me,containing the experience have gained a s a student Journalist and my current work.I can promise that you will like my CV and my work.
    How can i get across to you Ma or how do i go about applying to work for the Newspaper.
    My Email is ; Olanrewajusamuel8@gmail.com and my Phone number is ; 08164847752,i will be expecting a reply Ma,and will keep on visiting your blog to check for reply.Keep on seasoning the world Ma.

    1. Hello Lanre

      Always great to meet people going after their passion. God bless you.
      Send me your resume and I will forward it to the Editor and I am sure he will connect with you should he be able to offer you anything. Like you said, I only contribute to The Difference. I don't have a say in its day to day affairs. Wishing you all the best and I look forward to connecting with you here whenever you visit.

  2. Good Morning Ma,thanks for Yesterday.I have sent my resume to your Email.Thanks Ma.

  3. Hmmm... This is something I need to think over. Thanks for sharing! Lord help me.

    1. Thanks Inthe for coming by.....I needed to read this again myself.

  4. Profound! I really need to stop caring, but instead leave it all to Jesus but then its easier said than done.
    Thanks for this ma, I will brood on it further


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