Friday, 13 June 2014

You Don't Love Them More Than I Do.

I am happy that I have gotten to that place in my walk with God where I know I can be real with Him. True, He is 'He who cannot be questioned' but He is my Daddy too and I know I can bare my heart to Him. 

Today, I told Him I was not happy at all. I had just heard on the radio that former President, Olusegun Obasanjo had hinted that the Chibok girls may never come back. And now I just read that some of them might be pregnant! All this on top of hearing that Kefee had died. It was a tad much for me. At some point today, I got up from my desk at work and just went for a walk. I could not concentrate. I came back and ended up in the Ladies's bathroom. If these prayers are not answered, does this mean ALL the other ones I am praying too.......I could not even finish my line of thought.

I just sat there. Sad to my bones. PapaGod, why now? In view of this, do I stop saying the girls will come back? Do we all just give up on them in the face of this news? What happens if I keep up the 'Our Girls Are Coming Back' campaign and they don't come back? I asked Him. What shall I say then of my God who can do ALL things? How do I defend your not bringing these girls home or saving Kefee? These were my thoughts as I sat there moping on the toilet seat. For a long time I heard  nothing....and then:


Yes PapaGod?

Never, ever think that your job is to defend me.  Your job is to Trust Me.  To trust and stand on my Word. You do your job; keep  being  Salt.  Believe me, I am doing Mine.

Sorry PapaGod; I hear you. 

Oh, and one more thing Salt.

Yes PapaGod?

You don't love those girls from Chibok;  you don't love Kefee more than I do. OK?

How could I argue with that? 

P. S. I:  As I was typing this, I came upon THE most incredible worship and praise video EVER.  I cannot even explain it. Just click to watch and listen to 'We are walking on water'. The way I was feeling, it was JUST what I needed. It took me to another place. Ifiok Ezenwa,  God bless you!
Gotcha PapaGod.
Read you loud and clear

P. S II: Now, as I conclude this post I actually am laughing at myself. Imagine me thinking I had to defend God. I just imagined Pastor B saying to me:  Bola, your thoughts were quite foolish! Lol! The things we children of God sometimes tink sef.  

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