Monday, 23 June 2014

Then...And Now.

When I am feeling blue there are few things that cheer me up more than my children.  Well, actually, food and music cheer me up too *smiling* and then when my mgm and I are not 'vexing' each other, he cheers me up too. But if you are looking for a sure-banker way to bring a smile to my face and heart, it would have to be my progeny. Bet you are asking, so what? Most mothers probably feel the same, abi? I know, true but today, I am the mom talking about it. Lol!

You know, I suspect I am going through some form of a mid-life crisis. I catch myself thinking about the rest of my life more these days. Looking back trying to figure out what, if anything, I have accomplished. I seem to be more acutely aware of the thread-like nature of life. I mean, one snip of the divine pair of scissors and it's really all over. I wish I could say that more of my thoughts were on my heavenly reward but that would be a lie. Sometimes, I was able to reel myself back and count my many blessings but many times, again, I have to confess, I failed at that too. 

Until Sunday morning. As I sat on my bed surrounded by all my children once again! My nest fully 'occupied', I had to give myself a mental slap: What an idiot you are Salt. Behold your accomplishments right in front of you! Behold all the things you seek already given to you, all rolled up in the love of these children! And now that sense has been re-knocked back into my mid-life brain I see again that all the 'stuff' I seek to acquire and all the 'heights' I seek to  attain.... I already my children. In their health, their growth, their excellence, their accomplishments! Yes, they are my Pulitzer, Oscar and AMA awards all rolled into one! I look at them THEN:

and wonder what kain of craze was trying to posses me into thinking I had not done anything with my life! Tell me, what work place promotion can trump these lovely blessings in human form! I look at this photo and recall that in the 10 years since this photo was taken, I have not slept in the hospital once for any of them. So, would I prefer a Best-selling book in place of that awesome testimony? I look at them up there and recall how many road trips to and from school, how many air trips, how many exam results with flying colours, how much of God's favour and chief of all, how much of His LIFE has been in them sustaining them since then till NOW

This place where they have grown up so much. This place where they are alive and well. This place where I can look at how they excel, how understanding they have become and any failure or delay in my life loses its bite. I would have it no other way. I would remain 'frozen' in one place if it means they will advance into their 'Greater' with each year that goes by. Oh, don't get me wrong, I will still continue to strive for my own 'Greater' but from a place of godly contentment. There are many worthy and enviable honours out  there but I would not trade being mom to my kids for any of them!

P. S. Do you see those three tiny dots in between the words 'Then' and 'Now'? Be ye not deceived. They represent a life time of change and growing up for me. The mom who took the first picture is not the same who took the second one yesterday. Those dots represent a life time of smiles and tears, whoops of joy and shrieks of pain, losses and victories, butterflies and bats.  It has not been a walk in the park. No, not one bit. But what life worth living really is? As I love to say, smooth seas do not make for skilled sailors. 

I cover all our children in the protective blood of Jesus Christ. It will speak great things into their lives and on account of this divine covering, the enemy will never be able to see them. They will know their God and do great exploits! In Jesus name. Amen! As my sisdivine Bridget Elesin would say: Psalm 91 is their eternal portion!


  1. Grateful for you too... Can sense all the LOVEEE in the post!! God protection continue to be upon them as they continue to grow in wisdom and grace.

  2. Amen my dear Arike. Ame for them, Amen for you and yours.!


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