Saturday, 21 June 2014

Praise God! Little Taiwo Is All Set For India!

I am so happy I have this to blog about today because most of all the news that has come my way today has been on the disheartening side. Matters of the state of Naija tend to do that to one BUT here's the thing! You have got to fix your mind on positive, good feelings-invoking news, right? And if there is any such news floating around today it is the one about how little Taiwo is NOW all set to jet off to India for her much needed heart surgery! Praise the Lord! Yes, we have raised the balance of the funds needed and you may find this hard to believe but what would you say if I told you that the person who brought in the final balance is the very same person who gave us the initial N1 million? Wow, right? Yes. I agree. Wow! (Click here to read the Taiwo's back-story)

You know what I love the most about this person is that I know she did not give this final balance because she just had it lying around under her bed or something. No, this was sacrificially given. Many of us don't help others because we feel we have to have enough for ourselves first. I confess, I have told people who have come to me with a financial need that I would have loved to help but did not have any 'slack' financially. And while it makes sense, many times obeying God does not make sense. Sometimes, showing love like God means denying yourself.

My 'Human in Angel skin' (which is what I am calling this woman) responded to my effusive gratitude by letting me know that its important to note that she did not give it from a 'naturally' willing place. God had to bring her to that place by His Spirit. It was not about having enough money or not.  It was about her obeying God. Period. 

And it is thanks to her obedience that Little Taiwo's parents can now begin to make plans to take her to India for the heart surgery she needs. I am pretty sure I don't have to ask you to send up a prayer for this woman and her family. She has taught us two things through all of this:

One is that Christian Giving is not always from a place of plenty. Sometimes, it is sacrificial. 

Two is that even if you don't have to give, be caring enough to go look for people who can. The part of these funds that did not come from my Human in Angel Skin, came from people she asked to help out. Yes, she raised those extra funds herself! Listen, I did not have to give but I promised Taiwo's mom and grandma, I would give what I had: My voice. 

I close by sending my sincere thanks to all of you who added your voices to mine by re-tweeting all my Tweets about this. What would I do without 'Folu and Eloho who never missed an opportunity. I am grateful. Myne, thank you too for sharing this with your zillions of followers. To, all of you who have prayed for Taiwo's health? Please continue to do so. She will go in for this surgery and she will come back fit as a fiddle and enjoy a normal life like every other 5 year old out there.

To God alone be all the glory! As He has come through for Taiwo, He will do same in the lives of all our Chibok girls.

For with Him, nothing shall be impossible. Nothing. We just MUST continue to believe in Him.
Salt to Taiwo's Parents.
Salt to Parents of the Chibok Girls
Salt to Nigeria
Salt to Self.
Salt to You.

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