Monday, 16 June 2014

Enjoy The World Cup But...

I posted a comment to my timeline on Facebook yesterday. It disappeared into thin air. I tell you, I thought it was an upload delay but when after two hours I didn't see it, I just calmly logged off. God knows best I said to myself in a bid to stop myself from vexing too much. As is my usual way, I did not have any draft and basically composed the post from my heart so just decided not to even bother trying to re-compose what I had said then.

But God says 'No'. This morning, he made it clear that I must still say what I said yesterday. So here goes. May not be the exact same words but I promise, same intent.

It is impossible to not get caught up in the whole World Cup frenzy. I see that now. And to be honest I don't think that I want for us not enjoy this once in every four years football spectacle. All I want! All I am asking! Begging even is that we still carve out time, in the middle of shouting 'goa!'and dancing samba, we remember that we have over 200 girls missing from their homes. If it was your child, would you have time for Brazil or Messi? I'm just asking.

See, the drums of war that we hear beating in the North East of our country are not THAT far away. We who live in Lagos or other states might think this 'scourge' cannot find its way to us but who says so? Did we not hear about the bombs planted in a parish of Winners Chapel in Owerri over the weekend. Who planted them? Bokon Haram agents dressed in suits! True or False, my point is there must be a reason why our prayers seem not be making a dent in this matter.

And that was the 'koko' of my post yesterday: We cannot let the World Cup or any other event distract us. That is exactly what the devil is counting on. Even as you enjoy all the football you want, please let's set aside time to ask God one question.

Lord, what will it take to make my prayers count.

God is not deaf nor is He mean. The problem must be with us. 

It is not my intention to be a World Cup excitement-pooper but I really don't see the point in Nigeria winning (ah-ah, anything is possible now *smiling*) only for the Cup to be brought back to a nation in flames! We need radical change in our Christian lifestyles so that when we 'sneeze' spiritually Nigeria 'catches cold'

In the words of Dr. Okey Onuzo, if there is anything in our lives that does not comply with the Word of God - We need to change  it today!

If we don't, our prayers will continue to avail nada!

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