Saturday, 28 June 2014

Detoxified Salt

There is no other way to say this. I was full of junk. No, seriously, my entire system was brimming over with harmful, unhealthy, life 'de-hancing' toxins. It really beats me how come I waited till my body began to warn me in very mean tones before I finally pushed myself to do this. What did I do? I booked myself in to the Mart Life Detox Clinic. As I type these words, I can literally feel my insides rejoicing in their new found state of 'spring cleanliness and freshness'.

When I turned 46 last month, I promised myself that 'something would give' in my life. Even without the korokoro  scientific facts I now have to back me up, I knew there was too much junk in my health trunk. I could feel it and if there is something I am learning to do better now it is to listen to my instincts. I knew I did not want another normal comprehensive medical in a normal hospital. I needed something deeper because for me my quest for better health was now a spiritual matter. After all my body is the temple of The Most High God. Abi?

 I heard about the Mart Life Detox for the first time when I read about it in a copy of 'Genevieve'. I made a note mentally to check it out. That was about a year plus ago. All I can do is thank God for keeping me alive long enough to finally turn my mental note into action. I can safely say it has been THE BEST health decision of my life this year! 

One, because it was 'me' time like I have never had before. No work, no training, no worries about plane/train rides or locating venues or shopping lists. My MGM dropped me and would, be back to pick me. I was away from home but still in my own country. My room was tastefully furnished, serene and comfortable. I not only detoxified my body, I sat with God and detoxified my spirit and decluttered my mind. People of God, for the first time in ages, I was 'still'. 

Two, because it proved my instincts were right. Every organ in me that showed signs of stress corresponded precisely to the health issues I had been experiencing! It was such a relief to KNOW and be assured that with the right lifestyle and dietary changes they would go away or at least not advance. I was totally blown away by the Asyra Assessments and strongly recommend it. It's like having a conversation with all your vital organs during which they tell you how what you have been eating and exposing yourself to is messing with their ability to keep you functioning optimally.

Three, I now know exactly what foods my body cannot tolerate, which ones I can have but in moderation and which ones are a total no-no. Imagine, I find out at 46 that I'm lactose intolerant! But you know, some how, deep in me, I knew some of the symptoms I had were probably linked to some food I shouldn't be eating but I just ignored myself. How foolish can a person be? Don't be like me. Save your nine stitches now. Signing up for the Clinic's special 1 day Detox could be your stitch in time. 

True, it's not free. But wIth less than N150k, depending on what size room you choose, you are set to embark on your journey towards a better health status awareness and detoxification. You will not regret it. I have a better understanding of my health and  on top of that I got to be pampered AND see my body being rid of all manner of toxic waste! People of God, it was not a pretty sight! I could give you a blow by blow account of my stay at Mart Life but I really want you to experience it yourself.  But for money, I would do a 3 or 7 day stay but I tell you in just one day, I feel lighter and healthier body, mind and spirit! Like I told myself as I saved up for this, better 126k in Naira now than 126k or more in US Dollars or some other currency later because I didn't take action now.  God has given us life and while He sustains,  I believe it's our responsibility, yours and mine, to maintain it. 

Yours sincerely

A 'Detoxified' Salt
This must be how Sea Salt feels! Lol!
Happy, Clean and Fresh!

P.S. My sincere thanks to Prof. Ashiru for being the heart and mind behind this. And to Dr. Ibukun, Nurse Nonye and Seye who made my stay all that it was. And of course to Adebisi, the Front Office Lady who replied all my mails and took all my calls. God bless you  all! I hope to be back again for a longer stay and this time, with my MGM in tow! 

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