Saturday, 7 June 2014

Breaking News: Little 5 Year Old Taiwo: An Exciting Update...BUT........

Little Taiwo is the 5 year old twin I blogged about a while ago. Please see earlier blog -  Little Taiwo Needs Our Help. She needs heart surgery. She is already late for it. It was due in November 2013. We are in June 2014. I posted a blog about her and just in case you did not click on the link above, I was asking for USD8,500 for her to have surgery in India. What she has could kill her but it does not have to because surgery can fix it.

If you did click on the link, you would have read an update where I testified that a couple had decided to be her 100% sponsor. How we thanked God for this couple and what a rush we had! And, I promise, I still have my rush. Because yesterday, said couple paid in a cheque for N1,000,000.00 into my account for Taiwo! I cannot thank God enough. And yes, you may have noticed that N1M is not quite the Naira equivalent of USD8,500.00 BUT I still thank God! I thank Him for moving on the hearts of this couple to do this. Look, they have children too, a whole basket ball team of them. They have needs too and bills too. And issues too. Still, they have done this. They have given Taiwo N1M!!!! I did not even ask why it was not the full amount as promised. I was just too grateful and right now, I am still asking God to bless this couple like never before. Because I know that there are many out there, Nigerians, for whom 1 Million Naira is really no big deal. Just chicken change. Those ones never respond to such calls for help. They are too busy enjoying their own lives oblivious of the pain of others (but I am begging them to prove me wrong).

So while I am so excited about this news, we have a 'But'. Our 'But' is in the amount of N780,000 as right now, Taiwo's mom has a total of N1,200,000.00 in her account. I so believe that we can do this! Together, we can raise the N780,000 left to send this child off to India for her much needed surgery. Yesterday, my heart broke as her mom told me that the last time she spoke to her, Taiwo kept saying 'my chest. my chest is paining me'. My people, any amount will help us do this for this child.

I have learned now to give all the people who make pledges time to redeem their pledges BEFORE going wild (but is it ever too soon to begin praising God?) . Anyway, perhaps had I waited before posting the first update, more funds would have still come in. But my thinking was that if a pledge had been made to cover all expenses, why continue to ask people for money? Would that not be deceitful? Anyway, what is important now is for Little Taiwo to go for her surgery. Please help. 

I hope you choose to do so. No amount is too small. My prayer is that Taiwo will go to India in July.
Please pay in anything you are led to into this account:

Bank: UBA
Account Number: 204 860 5269
Account Name: Ibijoke Omowunmi Fakoyede
Reference: Salt's Friend/Your Name

When I told Joke that the sponsor had paid in N1Million Naira, she told her mom that 'Inu mi ti po'. I think that means 'I am just confused/distraught'. She meant no disrespect and I know she is truly grateful for the 1M Naira. She is just a mom whose child is at risk of dying and for her this was one more delay. With your help. The delay can be reduced to zero.

Please help me erase the 'But' in this update.

And please send up a prayer for my friend and her husband for the N1M they sent in for Taiwo.

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