Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The 4 Truths That Nigerian Christians Need NOW More Than Ever/

Please go and buy this book. Please.
If I had the resources, I would buy a copy of Derek Prince's book, Living As Salt & Light: God's Call To Transform Your World, for every Christian woman I know. All due respect to the Christian men but I am just saying my mind. There is something about the praying woman that is not to be messed with. But men, please prove me wrong. Please. 

Like I have said before, I believe I spotted and bought this book because God wanted to give me a reply to all my questions on why our prayers for Nigeria seem not to be going any where but Mercyville when we needed to be in Conquertown. Laterna stocks it so do the right thing. Buy it. For in this season, it is a must have. 

Today, I come to share that one important thing we need to move our country forward. I got it from this book. What is that one thing? It is simple....for the sake our Nigeria....please.....

Just be more like Jesus Christ. 

In what way you ask? Let me tell you how and I am about to paraphrase a whole lot from the above book. Were it possible, I would type the whole book out on my blog. Again, not possible. But read this for now till you go buy your own:

There are 4 truths we must key into right now for our country's sake. They are:

1. We, as Christians; as the salt of the earth, we are here in this country today to do the will of God who has sent us out into the world. Not our own will. So when you are posting, blogging, ranting, raving, marching, protesting, whatever you choose to do for the betterment of Nigeria, ask yourself: Is this God's will for Nigeria, or mine based on what I think is right? If you believe the Bible then you know you have no right to do your own will no matter how right, or legal or progressive it may seem. You must do only that which Christ has asked you to do for this country and for your Chibok girls. So whatever camp you belong to? Accountability camp? Prayer camp? Marching and Protesting camp? Creating Awareness/Blogging/Social Media camp? If you are Christian, be sure ALL you do aligns with God's will.

2. Whatever you do, you must be able to say: It is not I that is doing this but the Christ that lives in me is working through me. How many of our actions lately would Christ have done? Remember, we ARE His representatives here on earth. I am praying...and I want to see my prayers answered so I am being very careful what I say with this same mouth that is praying. I refuse to negate my prayers by my actions.

3. We must be able to say that whatever we say are the words of the Christ that lives in us? Can we truly say this? How many of your posts can you safely say Christ would have posted?  I mean, really? That tweet you sent out to Twitterville? Would Jesus have tweeted such? And don't get me wrong. I have a number that would make me bow my head in shame. Again, this is only for those who believe in the Bible that says we cannot pray or bless with the same mouth that curses. Were Christ living in Nigeria today and dealing with all we are dealing with, what would he say? Check your words. Do they resemble His? I know you will say that he abused the Pharisees calling them hypocrites and what not......and you are right but this was because He was burning with passion for the House of God, His Father.....And he did not go on and on and on and on abusing the end of the day, he still died for them because he loved them. It was their sin he hated. Is that the same for you and I?

4.We should be able to stand in front of the world. That patch of the world we call our own and say to all who behold us: If you have seen me, you have seen Jesus Christ! Oh my word! How many of us can say this. I know I cannot. But I want to. With all my heart. And nothing is stopping me but me. Same goes for you if your heart is willing. The plain truth is that you are I are the visible representatives of the Godhead here on earth! And I am doing all I can do make sure that this is my testimony. This is one of the reasons why I love the name God calls me: Salt. Each time someone calls me that, I am reminded of what I am meant to be. In giving myself that name, I have made you all my accountability partners and I like it like that. God is so smart. He knew what He was doing when he gave me that name. 

And whether he called you that name or not, Salt is what you are. Please Go! Go! Go!

Go and BE Salt! Nigeria needs you to be not just salt but light. Shine bright so you can take her out of this darkness that currently engulfs us. 

I say it again because God has kept on telling me over and over, Nigeria's victory lies in our hands. The oddly sad thing is that the devil knows he has lost but goes around causing all this confusion so we think WE have lost.   We need to stop buying his lies. We have dominion. Christ died to give it back to us. Let's exercise it. Please. For Nigeria's sake. For the sake of our Chibok girls. 

For your sake and mine. And that of our children (born and unborn)



  1. THANK YOU!!!! Deep truths that makes one sit back and think. Salt. Light. Jesus. I should get the book.

  2. @Tommie: My love PLEASE do. Please.

  3. You are totally correct, Jesus never called a sinner a hypocrite. We christians need to check our ways. God bless you and keep the fire burning for Christ...


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