Saturday, 3 May 2014

The 2014 QCOG Walkathon - 20 days to D-Day. GET INVOLVED!

Saturday 24, May 2014 @ 7am

This is a personal invitation to all who visit here to read my blog. 
I am forming a Team SALT to walk at this fundraising event in support of my Alma Mater, Queen's College. I would love for you to come walk with my team. Would you? I have two free slots so the first two people to comment 'I will love to walk with Team Salt' on this blog do not have to pay! *smiling* All you have to do is follow up your comment with an email to with your full name and tee shirt size. 

It's N5,000 minimum to register to walk.
But if you cannot walk please still support Team Salt by donating any amount. 
Account to credit is: Access Bank, Account Number: 068 973 4784, Account Name: QCOGA Project Account. Ref: Team Salt.
The first 5 people to do this get a free copy of Enitan Adaba's CD - This is for you!

Please get involved...If you cannot register to WALK.....

You can DONATE towards the cause....OR

You can VOLUNTEER to help on the day

OR you can FORM A TEAM to walk for you and your house

OR if you have a business or sell stuff, you can SECURE A VENDOR STALL 

What ever you decide to do, please don't let it be NOTHING.
God bless.

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