Thursday, 1 May 2014

Our Chibok Girls Need Just Ten Grains of Salt

Do you REALLY care? Then be The Salt of the earth you are meant
to be and hold back these forces of evil today. Live right before God
So that your prayers for these girls will avail MORE.
Be one of the ten grains of 'holy' salt God is looking for!

We all want our girls back home. If we mean it let us put our spirituality where our mouths are. I am talking to Christians now. If you say you believe in the Bible. Please go into your closet and get your 'flavour' back. Do what ever you need to do to get righteous so we can call on God together and get Nigeria exalted. If like He did for Abraham, God says He will bring these girls back and save our country IF He can find just '10 grains of Salt', 10 people living right in His sight.
Please be one of them

(You can stop here or you can continue reading. The above is more or less the bottom line of what I am about to say below. I would love for you to read it all. But if all you read is what is above. Fine by me. Please don't just read. Read, And Act.)

'Likewise since we are the salt of the earth, we are to hold back the forces of corruption....whether they are forces affecting the moral realm, social realm, the political real, or any other realm of the society in which we live. We are responsible for holding these forces back because we are the salt of the earth.....If our presence does not hold back the forces of corruption, do you know what we have become? We have become salt that has lost its be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.'
I could go on but let me stop here. This is from a book I am reading by Derek Prince. It is called 'Living as Salt & Light Think with me about what I just shared above. Our missing Chibok girls, the BH issues and the way our Government is handling the affairs of our country...does it not seem like we are all 'being trampled underfoot by men?' because we have lost our flavour?
I know God led me to this book because He saw in my heart that I was desperate to understand how come after all our prayers, things seem to be getting worse...what were we doing wrong I pondered. You may not agree but I believe our problem is that we have become Salt-less Salt.
For change to come, we need to get our flavour back and the only way is to TRULY repent and change our ways. So that our prayers would do just more than earn God's mercies but His powerful move over Nigeria. Yes, we have a government and yes, it should be doing something but as 'The Salt of the Earth' I see now that it is our 'fault' the government is failing us. We are not standing in 'dominion '.
Enough is enough. Please go into your closet and get your flavour back. Do what ever you need to do to get righteous so we can call on God together and get Nigeria exalted. If God agrees to save our country if he finds just 10 'holy' grains of salt.

Again, I plead with you. 

Please be one of them

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