Saturday, 10 May 2014

Monisola's Children Are Alive & Well!

Monisola, Iya mi owon.
Tomorrow will be tough because for some reason the universe has conspired with the United States and some other countries round the world to make their Mother's Day celebration fall on the 11th of May this year. This, I must confess, is a tad unsettling for me. I am not quite sure whether to smile in agreement or let out an agonizing 'Please, say it ain't so!' How can people be celebrating their moms on the same day I lost mine 28 years ago! AND for the first time, I will not be able to talk to my Papa, my Prof about it? Yes, every year, barring a few, he would call me on the 11th of May and we will talk about my mom and thank God for being with us, helping us cope without her.  So, how do I cope tomorrow?

Thanks to a sista-friend, I believe I have found one answer to my question. As tough as it will be, I shall cope by being thankful. Because I can think about my brother and sister and know that we, all three of us are ALL here and ALL good. Yes, were any of your old friends from your Ekiti, Ado, Lagos, Florida, Calabar, Ibadan days to ask :  'Ni bo ni awon omo Monisola Adefolalu ti e wa  l'oni gan?**, I will be able to stand up and say: Awa re o! Here we are! Awa omo Monisola - Bola, Shola ati Tokunbo - awa re o! Alafia l'awa o! Ope ni fun Olorun! Yes, we are alive and well in our different parts of the world and are giving glory to God!

My Papa, My Prof.....
*no words*
Yes, I will cope as I celebrate a mom who sowed into our lives the love of the peaceful, simple life, I  honestly think my siblings and I are alike in that way to some extent.

No, I will not allow myself sink to some low place feeling sorry for myself and this new status of 'orphan'. 

Yes, I will celebrate you as I thank God for blessing me with a husband who has now become my papa so to speak here on earth. Since you went home Prof, Henry has just been my pillar like no other. In his tribute to you , he promised to continue to take care of me and he was not kidding. Mom, you did not meet Henry before you went home but I am guessing you approve now, right? *smiling*. He has truly become my mighty good man.

Yes, I will clap, I will sing, as I celebrate the man you married and left behind to parent us. He gave it all he could to be the best Mr. Mom to me for 28 of my 45 years on earth. Mom, Prof tried. He really did. Anyway, what am I doing? Are you not both in the same place now? I bet you are having a blast catching up. Plus, I believe you have never stopped watching over us anyway. You are our very own personal Guardian Angel.

True, tomorrow, the 11th of May may pinch a little but when I think of how happy you must be looking down on your three children and how proud you must be of us and all we are and have, by God's grace accomplished with our lives......I will cope. Because I will see you smiling down on your sons-in-love and your grandchildren; your sisters and their children all grown up now; your in-loves and their children all grown-up too..... I will see you smiling down, albeit with tears in your eyes as you look down at your mother......Yes, funny how people who call on death seem to make him shy to show his face. Had Mama her wish, she would be with you now...but as in all things God knows best. 

Life is a mystery

Mom! Mom! Happy Mother's Day! I am not sure if I miss you more than I love you or love you more than I miss you.....But one's thing is sure.

I love you and I miss you. So much.

But I will praise my way through the pain to celebrate because Monisola Adefolalu! We, your children are alive and doing well!  

I dedicate this post to all my sista-friends whose moms have also gone home to be with the Lord. Especially Yetunde Oni, Yemisi Sawyerr, Lola Olaide-Stephen, Sola Macaulay and Eniola Awosika. Days like tomorrow will never lose their pinch but even if we cry, our tears are not hopeless. We know where our moms.  I must also thank Funmi Elesha who gave me the loving kick in the derriere to 'see' one way I could cope with tomorrow. Is your mom still alive? Please tell me you have plans to make tomorrow special for her tomorrow. Yes, even if you live in the UK or Nigeria or any country where it was celebrated already in March. Mothers are special. They deserve two days of celebration  o jare! Happy Mothers Day to you all! 


  1. This is a great tribute to Mom. It is one of the things that we share in common that our Mothers are no longer with us. Like you it is always a difficult time for me - so many things I would like her to know and be able to share but that will not be. But the hope we have is that they are in a better place and we will see them again. Happy Mother's Day! Love and blessings always.

  2. @Yvonne: True.....I remember you told me this before....This year was the hardest...ever. BUT I am still standing and thankful and you are right. They are in a way better place.....Thank you so much for stopping by.

  3. I couldn't help the tears when I read this
    It's very touching and emotional
    But I am also thankful to God for your testimonies and how you have been able to hold the forth all thus while
    God will strengthen you and your siblings
    You ain't orphans cos you have a baba to ju baba lo...
    Love you♡

    Ps...av so missed reading your blog posts that am just catching up, I admire your consistency, sis


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