Saturday, 3 May 2014

It Breaks My Heart

By living right in the sight of God
So when you pray, you KNOW
God will move.
It breaks my heart when we talk about praying for Nigeria and people sneer. But I don't blame them. It's our fault. We, the praying people of Nigeria. We, the Christians. We have given prayer a bad name by our behaviour. But the truth is the fact that we who call ourselves 'The Salt' of the earth have lost our flavour does not mean that prayer to God has lost its power. Prayer still is the most powerful weapon in the world. In fact in my life, I find that prayer coupled with praise are veritable weapons of mass destruction.

So how do we effectively use these weapons as Christians? Or are you planning to go into the forest of Chibok and fight Boko Haram yourself? I don't think so. But you know what? We are still soldiers; fully equipped and totally kitted out and we can still fight. But not carnally. Not in the flesh. In the spirit! The weapons of our fight are not stuff you can see with your natural eyes. Our armour is of another world.

I am reading a book by Derek Prince titled 'Living as Salt & Light'. No prizes for why I bought the book, right? *smiling*. I am about to share some excerpts from the book that I believe 'speak' to us as Nigerian Christians at the battlefront. In fact it speaks to all Christians living in a world gone bland. A world at war. Read with your hearts:

As you know the devil is the ruler of the un-forseen forces of darkness and he 'has deployed innumerable multitudes of evil spirits, which are all working under his control against God and against the welfare of the human race. As Christians, you and I are called to deal with satan and with the forces that work with him.

How did this situation of spiritual conflict come about? First, by satan's rebellion in heaven; and second, by man's rebellion on behind the seen realm is the unseen realm. Behind the forces of darkness (like Boko Haram),  behind the social, economic, political and international situations are unseen spiritual forces. Clearly they are directing them all toward evil, toward rebellion against God and toward destruction. Yet it is your privilege and mine, your responsibility and mine, to intervene and change the situation.'. 

It is our responsibility because you and I are 'The Salt of the earth'. Even if you don't go by that name like I do, you are still Salt. As long as you profess to be a Christ-Follower. We are both called to 'preserve' this world we live in. We are called to hold back the force of darkness from decaying our world the same way natural salt holds back the forces of corruption from taking over meat or fish. And we do this by living right and inviting God into our situations. We do this by engaging in spiritual warfare in our closets or in church. But please as I have said before, if you are going to pray in your 'salt-less' state, please don't bother. The demons are just going to laugh at us.

If there is anything that breaks my heart more than knowing that 234 girls are missing and our country hasn't got a is that Nigeria has so many professing Christians yet we are having zero impact on the state of our country. God has given us dominion over this planet!

Let's go back to that place where we can own it and use it!

Please people! Let's not wait till it's our own children.

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