Sunday, 25 May 2014

Good bye 45...Was Nice Being You.....

(*popping champagne* I am posting this now as I know I shall not be logging on till much later tomorrow)

It's my birthday today, the 26th of May! To God be all the glory!
I miss you both so much. But look!
The baby in your arms in about to turn 46!
There is a God o!

You know, I woke up on the morning of the 23rd of May counting my blessings. It was a conscious decision to block the lies of the devil. The ones that make me think of all that I don't have. Chief of which was my Papa, my Prof. I will not lie, I knew this birthday was going to be tough for me. My first birthday ever when I would not hear my Papa's voice at midnight or at least get his text message. It has been hard and if I compound that with this crazy insomnia I am dealing with, you know I am wise to occupy my mind by thanking God in ways I had never done before. My goal was to think of 46 reasons to thank God and I am still on it but let me share some of the ones I have already.

I thank my PapaGod.......

For keeping the blood running in and out of my heart in the right direction. I thank you for keeping the right amount of oxygen in my blood.  Taiwo's health condition made me more aware of this.....Thank you so much for raising Sponsors for this dear little child!

For keeping my mom safe all of the nine months she carried me in her womb and for not letting her die while giving birth to me.

I love this photo of me...
.it is just so adorable if I may say so myself....*smiling*
For seeing my Papa, my Prof through school even though he lost his mom at a young age. I thank you for his brothers who took care of him.. I thank you for his father that accepted you as Lord & Saviour way back then when it was almost anathema to do so.

For the day I got baptized by immersion at the Foursquare Gospel Church, Ago Palace Way, Okota where I attended with my Uncle Abiye and his family. For Pastor Adesanya and his wife for sowing those first seeds of  spiritual thirst in me.....for real.

For not allowing me die of cold in 1972 when my parents moved from Kano State, Nigeria to Tallahassee, Florida State, USA. As they told me, I almost died. My Naija body could not understand the cold. Lol!

For all the times (and there have been many) that I have had dental work done and not caught some horrible infection (Yes, I have seen it happen o!). PapaGod, thank you cause you know I hate going to the dentist but you have always seen me through.

For not making me an only child..I love my sister and brother and my sisters and brother.

For all the books my dad had; that I read and via which I met so many people, visited so many places, learned so many languages and grew a healthy vocab. For giving me a Papa who kept shelves and shelves of books. I still remember all those James Hadley Chase books I read albeit illegally. Lol!

For the exact date I got married and the exact dates I conceived and had my children. I love the relationship I have with my children......I love that we can be 'real' with ourselves....and yet I can still be 'Mom'. Today my FBS (first born son) made me breakfast in do you stay 'low' in the face of that? I remember changing his diapers.....God is just good all by Himself.

I have known my mgm for 29 of my 46 years.
Yes, he's a 'Keeper'. Abi?
For my quirky Only Princess who now sends me mails in Franglais, a mix of french and English! And for my First Born Son who laughs at most of my dry jokes and who just seems to get me. I am so rich.....cos my kids love me.

For helping me train myself to be able to say 'R' properly; My  'rice' used to be 'wice' and I had a lisp! I could not pronounce 's'.  Can you imagine how my life would have been in secondary school where you called the older girls 'Senior'? Lol! And then I had to go and get myself a school mom called 'Lucy'. Lol! By the time, I was 12, I had coached my tongue and today I can say R and I don't have a lisp! Lord, thank you!

For saving me from my own stupidity, naivete and downright foolishness!

For making Kingsley talk my mgm into making that silly bet way back then in Uni! If you have read the NEPA series, you grab what I mean. Suffice to say, my husband started dating me on a dare! It took him a long time to win and by then, he was hooked! Ha! Lol!

Thank you for keeping me safe on all those okada rides I had to take go on while I lived and went to school in Calabar and Uyo! And you know then, we used to sit 'side style'. Lol! I actually got so good at it that I used to read magazines! Oh my! What a wonderful God I have.

Now.....Ah, Lord God! It's only You!
For being real to me. For pulling me back to my senses just when I think I am about to lose my mind! For my sense of humour and the joy I get from making people laugh even just a little bit. Lol!

For my resilience. Oh, Lord, I know I am resilient. Thanks to you. Thank you so much my Lord, Redeemer and God.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I may not be able to sleep but thinking back over my life and coming up with these reasons to thank God have taken the edge off the insomnia to be honest. And there is no way you can thank God and still pay attention to the enemy. Gratitude to God mutes the liar's voice.

I have lived some time, good, bad and sometimes ugly but the wonderful thing about my life is that I know I have grown. I know I am still growing....But best of all, I know that the BEST is yet to come. I can smell it....God is up to something......In the meantime, all I shall say is:

Good-bye 45. Hello 46.......To God alone be all the glory.  

P. S. I guess now the devil would wish he just let me all I want to do is think of new ways to thank God for my life.....Lol!!!!!

Oh and please if you want to make my birthday extra special, please do any of these:

1. Let go of some one that hurt you. It does not make them right. It just makes you free.  Unforgiveness is cancer. Rid your life of it.

2. Touch a life: A sistafriend of mine and her hubby just took up the total cost of a child who needs surgery! Yes, they will covering the USD 8500 needed for surgery plus travel and visa costs! Can you believe it? I can. 

3. I 'adopted'  a daughter via the  Raziela Foundation. Please consider supporting me buy crediting RF's account with any amount. Nothing is too small.  I have to confess that I have not had a  whole lot of 'slack' in my finances so sadly I have fallen behind in my support and you would be making my birthday truly special as you  partner with me like this towards Shalom's future. Thanks in advance.

Acct name is Raziela foundation
Acct no is 1012562182
Bank is Zenith;  
Ref: HBD Salt/Your name.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADAM SALT!!!!!!!!! You're are a blessing to many and God will in turn bless you and I am grateful for your life too... Yaaaay! We are waiting for the Golden!! *Komole*

    1. Thank you my love. *komole-ing with you*. Yes, I shall turn 50 by the grace of God..Err but not right away. Lol!

  2. ****Mufasa Said26 May 2014 at 04:23

    WOW! I had to comment today!!! my darling!!! OluwaSalt!!! God's own! God's glory keeps radiating all around you! My colleague just commented that u look soo young for 46!! Oh dear!! Happy birthday is not enough to wish u all d greatness in the world. I pray for life for you, a wonderful, long , fulfilling life. I pray for health for you, good health; I pray that the Lord keeps blessing u my darling! You are always well thought of!!!.

    Happy Birthday to a great inspiration!!!

    ****Mufasa Said

  3. HBD ma...I read a lot of your posts and I am so grateful to God for your life.God bless you and keep you for your family.many more years in good health and you *big hugs*

    1. Thank you so much Anonymous. Amen and Amen! For me and for you. Hugging you right back.

  4. Thank you Mufasa! I love that. OluwaSalt! OluwaloniSalt.......God bless you my love especially because I sense you speak from the heart. I don't know but sometimes I can tell who means what they say.....

    Anonymous; Hugging you back. I cherish your words and prayers. I pray same for you too. God bless you!

  5. Happy Birthday Big Sis, 'Salt' is all you have been to me. You have refreshed me, you have flavoured me, you have preserved me, you have improved me. May God bless you as only He can and may the hand of the Lord be mighty upon you, your MGM and your lovely kids. By your life, you will build a legacy that the heavens will boast about. God bless you!!! AMEN

    1. My dear Eloxie....what do I say to you? Your post here, your mail to me, your calls....ALL just make me feel so blessed. I just read ALL of your words again. Thank you. Thank God for all you say that I am for it is just because He is and lives in me. Love you girl. But God loves you more.

  6. Happy belated birthday ma'am. You blog has been a source of encouragement, I wish you many more testimony filled years.


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