Thursday, 17 April 2014

What Is Palm Sunday All About To YOU?

Lord Jesus Christ, Thank you so much!
For riding that donkey to your death...
For me.
I have to confess. When I think about Palm Sunday, the first thing that comes to mind is Palm Fronds. The second thing is 'Triumphant entry'. The third, sometimes is 'Donkey'. How about you? What comes to your mind?

Tomorrow is Good Friday and I cannot help but recall all Dr. Okey Onuzo shared with us at church this past Sunday. There is much more to Palm Sunday than the above words. Way more. I am a little under the weather and doing this blog is sort of my way of taking my mind off the pain in my back. I don't know where it came from but I know where it is going! Back to sender! By the Healing Stripes of Christ. Amen!  Just letting you know so you can agree with me on speedy healing. Thanks *smiling*

So, what is Palm Sunday all about then?

Palm Sunday is about True Commitment
Jesus Christ knew what was ahead of him as he rode in 'triumphantly' on that donkey: Death and a very painful one at that. You really need to watch 'The Passion of The Cross' to get a glimpse into the horror that Christ was riding towards. Yet, he did not flinch. True, he did pray for the cup to pass away from Him. Wouldn't you? Remember, Jesus Christ, at this time was just a man like you and I. Yet, in spite of his feelings or wants, he went ahead towards a certain, horrifying and humiliating death. Why? Because it was the will of His Father that he do so and Jesus was committed to loving God. When you love God, you obey Him. Period.

Palm Sunday is about Service to God
That was ALL Jesus Christ was all about. His every waking thought was on how He could go about doing His Father's work. How much of our time do we spend on Kingdom related stuff? Every day we ask God to take control of our lives, better or businesses, bless our careers, mind our children but HOW much of his agenda are we all about bringing to pass? And even if we are doing God's business, what's our motivation? Why are you in the choir, an usher or a Sunday School teacher?. Why am I a blogger 'blogging' people towards The Light? Is it really in service to God or am I just looking for followers or some cheap 'fame'?

Palm Sunday is about Surrender.
'The Lord Has Need of it'. That was all they told the owners of the donkey'. Today, the donkey would be your brand new, tear-rubber - Mercedes Benz truck. Imagine you step outside your house and some people are tampering with your moto-car like that! 'Hey! What are you people doing touching my car?' will be your rant right? And the people look at you and say calmly The Lord has need of it'. Will you not ask them if they were high on some cheap and cheerful drug? *laughing*. What's the difference between the donkey owners and many of Christians today? I think unlike us, 'see finish' had not tarnished how they felt about Christ. They had been hearing about him, knew of the many wonders and miracles he had brought about and had accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour so when a request comes from Him, with their whole heart, they honoured it. That's what I think? What do you think? We hold on so tightly to our stuff ......even when God asks for our help. Why?

 Palm Sunday is about Humility 
Ah, and this is where we ALL fail. I kid you not, there is less than 10% genuine humility in the church today. I mean Humility of the Heart. Like Christ demonstrated. Anyway who am I to judge? But you do know that the moment you THINK you are not proud, you probably are. Anyway, we shall not argue. We just need to place ourselves beside Christ and compare. Simple. Even in our little homes and offices, we are always 'pulling rank'. People NEED to know who we are or else! Jesus Christ, the Ruler of the Whole Universe, made himself of NO reputation to save you and I. No one even thanked him for it at the time. Now, we the 'saved' ones crave to be recognised and appreciated all the time and for doing what really? Who did you die for recently? Whose sins have your borne lately? Yet, we do one small thing for someone and God help them if they don't thank us well......I once attended a church where a couple who usually had seats in front, came late and were asked to sit at the back....They left church that morning. I was stunned. I still am just thinking about it.

*exhaling* I may be wrong but this Easter Season, I believe God is asking all of us one hard question: What is the calibre of your commitment to me? 

And as He would ordain it, we have a long holiday to think about our answer.

P. S. Just thought to throw one more question in there to get us really worked up *smiling mischievously* How is the current state of our country Nigeria a direct reflection of  our commitment as Christians? Righteousness exalts a nation, abi? One thing is sure today, Nigeria is not in an 'exalted' state.....

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