Wednesday, 30 April 2014

We (Mgm & Salt) are 21 Today!

He is my Mighty good man and I am the Salt of his Life
We are 21 today and we confess that
God is our Secret.. Make Him yours.
To God be all the glory!

I just got home from Lola Olaide-Stephen & Sola Macaulay’s mom’s service of songs. So I am a bit sober yet strangely exuberant. Sober because being at this service not only made me think of my Papa, it made me think of my PapaGod and how vital it is that I make heaven. Exuberant because (though I was a little ashamed of the tears that had slid down my cheeks during the service) my spirit had soaked in the smiles both Lola and Sola had flashed me when they saw me. I was glad I made it. They are both such caring sista-friends. Deaconess Funlayo Ashiru-Suinner had lived a Christian life worth emulating and no one was in doubt as to where she was. I loved that. I got home and my mgm was asleep. Tired from his day. Bless him.  I know of no man as hardworking as my mgm. For real. I woke him just enough for him to know I was home and left him to sleep. As I had my dinner, I thought about Mrs. Ashiru-Suinner some more. She had left behind a great legacy chief of which was children who were ALL saved! Now, that’s a testimony right there! I asked God to make that mine too. Then my mind went to the day coming up.....tomorrow. The 1st of May. The day my marriage celebrates its 21st birthday. How great is our God!

Yes, sing with me! How Great is our God! All will see, how great! How great is our God!

You know, I am sitting here wondering what I could possibly say that would do justice to my situation as a woman married for 21 years. To the same man. A man I have loved, liked, hated and disliked! Yes, 21 years gives you enough time to do all of that. Trust me. Lol! But today, I can put my hand to my heart and say that my mgm has become my source of total satisfaction and affection. And best of all, my security and peace. Yes, barring God, my mgm makes me feel secure. Barring God, he is my peace and my pillar. The truth is God sent this man into my life so I could ‘feel’ what it means to be secure in Him. My mgm is my rock within The Rock.

Please do not get this twisted. I am not saying my mgm is perfect. No, that he is not. Neither am I. And like I have said here over the years, of course he has hurt me.  And I have hurt him back.  But you know what? It was in the midst of the fires we have passed through over the years that God showed up for both us and proved to us that His divine love is what connected us and that sometimes ‘fire’ is good. My mgm is the one human being who knows ALL about me,  is not related to me by blood BUT has STILL shown me what fiercely protective unconditional love is. I doubt there are more than 5 other such people on the face of the earth. The more I see how much he loves me and our children, the more intense my love for him gets.  

So, as I celebrate our 21st anniversary, I celebrate a God that created a man who could love me like this. I thank God for giving me a human husband that could love me with a divine heart. God’s  own heart. I know  my mgm did not marry me with God’s kind of love from the get go. How many couples do? Not many. I believe that this kind of love grew in  both of us over time and via fire and much pain and most important of all, TIME. Yes, by God's grace, both of us gave our marriage time. Time to deepen our love for each other.

My Mgm, thank you for giving us ‘time’ , for showing me what it looks like when God’s heart beats in the chest of man and most of all for letting God have the final say. Yes, both of us have grown to know that the secret to any Christian marriage is to let God be the final decision maker in your relationship especially during the stormy times. And our reward for doing this is being able to rejoice today. Rejoice over our many victories over the devil. Rejoice in the knowledge that if God ordains a thing the gates of hell can never prevail against it. Rejoice over the wonderful and truly joy-inspiring children we have been blessed with. Rejoice over the many other blessings we have enjoyed as a couple and as a family. Rejoice over the many more blessings still to come! And of course, rejoice over our marriage that is truly getting better, maturing like fine wine as the years go by to the glory of God alone! PapaGod, thank you so much! I hide this testimony in your loving care sealing it in the blood of Christ. I celebrate your goodness by lifting up my marriage to the glory of your name. May it draw people to the Light of your Love in Jesus Christ's name. Amen!

Olorun mi mo wa dupe X 2
Eleyin L’Oba to se ta na
Eyin L’Oba to se t’oni
O dami lo’ju. E o se t’ola

Olorun mi mo wa dupe!

We are 21 today! We are 21 day! Glory to God, we are 21 today!

*dancing into fade, singing happily and gratefully unto my God*


  1. Congratulations and blessings in abundance!

  2. @Yvonne I. Wilson: Thank you so much! Amen!!!! God bless you.

  3. More beautiful years ahead together in peace of mind and good health. Faithful is He!


  4. :Cindy@ Thank you so much. Indeed, FOREVER FAITHFUL is He!

  5. Wow....I loved reading this. And you both are such beautiful couple! May God continue to bless your marriage and fulfill all your hearts' desires. CONGRATULATIONS


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