Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Power of Being Ready

One of the most important things I have come to learn with my Papa, my Prof's passing is the 'Power of Being Ready'. No, I did not want him to leave me. But if there was anything that hurt me more than that, it was not being able to do ALL that my heart wanted to do for his send forth. And yes, my mgm and I did our best and yes, God sent some wonderful people our way to help us and I am, till this day, still in awe of Him for it. BUT people of God, I wish I had given it more thought BEFORE. I wish I had sat down one day to plan for a time that I knew was inevitable no matter how much I wanted him to live for ever. 

Anyway, that's gone now but still, for you and I, the future lies ahead of all of us. I don't want you to die. I don't want to either. At least not yet and by God's grace none of us will die a minute before God's ordained time in Jesus name. Still, when we do, it will hurt but do you know what will hurt even more? If after all we know, after all our education, after all the stories we hear of families struggling yo train and care for young children. If after ALL of this you still do not put plans in place to make sure your loved ones will be OK if and when you ye a man, be ye a woman.

Please, having a will or a life insurance or education insurance or burial assistance policy is not being pessimistic. It is being wise. And loving. And Ready. And there is Power in being Ready. Trust me, you want to have that power.
Funmilayo Mide-Ajala is all set to walk you through the process. Connect with her. She is not doing this for commissions. She is doing this because, like me, she cares about this very much. Read her words below. You will see what I mean:

Sometime in February this year, my husband's colleague at work lost her husband. He was young just barely forty, the wife - just about 36. They have two daughters very little both still in primary school.
The man was diagnosed of cancer in October 2013, they thought he still had some time, doctors gave them hope as the illness was in its early stages. Until they spent christmas and new year in the hospital. He promised his daughters he would take them on a trip when he got better.

Unfortunately in the first week of February he died. His wife was never prepared for this, everything would change now. 
How would she provide for her daughters all alone? How would she finish up the mortgage on the house and make sure these kids remain in their school without affecting their standard of education?

I wish I had sold ARM Life Insurance products to her husband. I wish I had sold him the mortgage insurance and now able to tell his wife that this will cover their mortgage payment and she didn't have to worry. I wish I had sold this man the education plan for his kids and now able to comfort his wife that their kids wont have to stop going to school or change school now that their dad is gone.

If you are still wondering why you need to take up a life insurance or at least a education policy for your kids, then it means you have never thought that the woman in this story could be you, now faced with the challenge of providing for her family all by herself.

With ARM Education Insurance you have a double advantage of saving and having an insurance which means even if this isn't your story you still get your savings back.

To find out more please call Funmi on 07083023733 or send her an email @

Thanks for your attention and please contact Funmi. I know in our country, we distrust Insurance firms and all that. But I know Funmi, she will not sell you a sham.

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