Saturday, 19 April 2014 & Enitan Adaba Rock! Thank You Lord, For The Cross!

By now, many of you will know that if I like something, I will say it. Many times. Over and over. Until, you begin to suspect I am being paid for it. I assure you I am not being paid to like nor am I being paid to like Enitan Adaba's CD - This Is For You. The simply truth is that I can, all by myself, figure out how to like 'a good thing'. And both are VERY good things. Very.

At your Cross, I bow in thanks for a life
'present' enough to appreciate many things
including and Enitan Adaba!
But what does the Cross at Golgotha have to do with any of these brands? Plenty. But for the many many victories I have enjoyed bought and paid for by Christ on THAT Cross, I would not be 'present' mentally or physically to enjoy any of them talk less of saying I love them! Am I being dramatic? I assure you again. I am not. Long time ago, my dear Pastor Eskor Mfon took his time to teach me about the 'Exchanges at the Cross'. We even had this little prayer card to help us confess the exchanges and thank God for them. On the Cross, Christ took away shame, poverty, sickness, sin reproach, death, failure, defeat and oppression from my life. In exchange, He gave me HIS glory, HIS riches, HIS wholeness/health, HIS righteousness, HIS life, HIS victory and HIS dominion!

But for this daily, per second exchange operation taking place in my life, I would be a right mess. Yes, a wretch. But I am not! All thanks to Jesus Christ dying on The Cross for me!

So that today, I can sit here and be bragging on God's name for the blessing of, the most working woman friendly online hyper-supermarket I know! They welcome and act on feedback. I shall not name names but I have dealt with other companies professing to want feedback. I am not sure what they do with it because one thing is for sure. They are not using it. Not Way back then when I suggested a way to enable us  'click just once ' to add stuff to our carts, instead of having to go back and forth clicking items one by one, they told me it would be looked into and TODAY, they have made it happen. Now, you can select all the products you want and then add them all with one click to your cart! Just wonderful. Shall I go on about the new, fresh and easier on the eye site page? So this blog does not get too long, I shall not. Just click this link to experience it yourself. But this I will say, is so customer-friendly sometimes I feel I am their ONLY customer but I know I am not. THAT is how special you feel when you shop on  And finally, yes, their prices are almost unbelievable and when you factor in all the stress they are saving you, it is well worth it to sign up with I hope you do.  Today.

As I made my orders today, I was blasting Enitan Adaba's CD as loud as possible from my room. For some days now, I have had this horrible pain in my back. Before then I had an upset tummy. Before that, my Papa passed. Before that I was ill and had surgery. As you can imagine, the devil had all the components for a groovy pity party to load on me. BUT each time I play this CD, my mind leaves my pain and focuses on my God and makes me remember ALL the good I have that totally trumps all the sad.. You need to check out this CD, it has a way of taking you, in spite of your self to a good place...a place of praise and worship and best of all a place of Rest in God.

I talk too much when I blog. I am trying to change that. In the meantime, 'manage me' like that. And do check out these two brands - and Enitan Adaba.

And chief of all, check out the Brand of all brands - Jesus Christ. He is the Brand for All Seasons. He never gets old and all other brands that are wise, know to anchor themselves in Him. For He alone is cool forever.

Happy Easter my People!

Happy Easter.

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  1. And of course not to forget the brand *Salt Chronicles*... Thank you very much for this, God bless you loads!


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