Friday, 4 April 2014

Calling ALL OGQCs AND Those Who Love Them *smiling*


I have said this many times. I am who I am today 75% thanks to the wonderfully formative years I spent within the walls of Queen's College, Yaba. Personally my time in this school was the best part of my life academically. And if I was any more excited about this event, I would be popcorn. Lol!

And I really want to just ask all OGQCs to come and let us join hands together to make this event one that Lagos and indeed Nigeria will talk about for a long time.  It does not matter if you spent five years or two years or even one year in QC, all that matters is that this is a good cause and you can be part of it. Yes, even you reading who did NOT attend Queen's College. Join with us who did and be a part of something truly worthwhile. If we do this right, we will raise even more funds than we need and be able to reach out to some other good causes. How about that?

So how can you be a part of this walkathon? There are many ways. Let me count them for you:

1. Share! Anytime you see any OGQC Walkathon Banner share it with at least five people.
2. Once information on Registration comes out, REGISTER! Better still, register at least 5 people!
3. If you own a business, make a note to secure a stall for your business/product. 
4. If you own a business or work for a corporate, we need SPONSORS! Help us!
5. If you know or you ARE a celebrity, please use your status to hype this event for us!
6. Blog about this event! Tweet about it. Instagram it! In short, HYPE with all your MIGHT!
7. If you live abroad, you can still 'walk' by proxy! Yes, register a team to walk for you. Lol!
8. Anything you can think of that would make this a runway success that I have not mentioned? Do it. 

I am convinced this is going to be like no other walkathon the city of Lagos has seen and that is because we, the women of QC, will make it so! Look, our school has produced some truly phenomenal women and YOU are one of them! Let's show the world what can happen when women stand together for a good cause. QC needs our help. She gave us so much. It's time to give back. Come on ladies, let's do this!

Let's Walk For QC! 

Walk Alone!
Walk in Twos or Fives!
Walk as a family! 
Walk as a House! Go Efunjoke! Go! Let's win the 'House Team' Prize! Lol! 
Walk as a Company!  
Walk as a Set! 
Anyway you want to walk, 
let's JUST WALK!!!!
For our dear QC

I am counting on you all. OGQCs and those who love us! Please let's not let QC down!

Pass on the Torch!!!!!

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