Saturday, 12 April 2014

Am I That Mean?

God chastises not because He is mean
But because He loves.
And He expects same from me.
I caught my last born son in a lie. It broke my heart for three reasons. One, that he lied at all. Two, that he lied because he was 'scared' I would get really mad at him for breaking my ID card holder and three, that he tried to hide 'from my presence' by locking his bedroom door! I was so upset because as much as he knows I love him, in this instance, his fear of being 'told off' was bigger than my love. As I sat there wondering how this could be happening and how to deal with it, I heard a voice. It was Gods'. It said:

Welcome to my world. Now, do you see how it feels? I love my children so much yet when they err, instead of running to me, they run away. You are dealing with just one child and you are falling apart. Imagine how I feel. I have a world full of children and most of the time many of them are trying to hide from me. How I wish they would always remember that I might not like what they do but I could never stop loving them.

Hearing these words made me feel so 'bad' for God because I was in so much 'pain' over this matter that I could not even imagine what God must go through because we, his children, behave like my LBS all the time.  And you know what, it is not because God is mean. We hide because we are guilty knowing we have done bad!

You see, LBS has a habit of twirling my ID card holder round and round and I had warned him in the past not to. My fear was that it could hit him in the eye. Apparently, he had (as we do) disobeyed my 'commandment' and in my room, had been having a swell time twirling the holder when horror of horror, it got caught in the spinning blades of the standing fan and scattered into pieces! In his fear, he picked up the pieces, kept them quietly on my dressing table and snuck off to his room pretending to be obeying 'bed time'. 

LBS was not afraid because I am a mean mom. He was afraid because he KNEW this was something he had been told NOT to do. He knew that since I had warned him, he really had no excuse. So no, I concluded that like God, I am not mean. LBS, like many of us had allowed the devil lead him into error. What we forget is that the same devil that tempts is the same devil that will torment us when we fall AND the same one that will go to God and accuse us of the very same sin he MADE us commit! Or should I say the sin we 'allowed' ourselves fall into....because we always have a choice. 

Anyway, once I was able to establish the truth that I was not a 'mean witch of a mom' I got up from my pity party, talked it out with LBS and by the time we were done, he hugged me, very happy to 'lose a benefit'. Not for breaking my ID. For fibbing. Yes, like God, moms forgive too but sometimes, you still have to pay the price for your 'sin'. That God loves us cannot always shelter us from the natural consequences of sin. They are built into the laws of nature. 

The beauty of God's love is that the moment we come to Him, confess and say we are sorry, He gives us the grace to 'pay the price' for our error. Just like I helped LBS see all the other things he could do with his time now that he was banned from playing with his beloved gadget.

See? I am not mean *smiling*.  I'm just a mom intent on instilling the right Christian values in my children.  So help me God.

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