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The Ugly Truth Part Two: We Christians Need To Get Some Character.

Day before yesterday I ended the 'Part 1' of this blog asking us to go to our Father-God and ask him to 'unify' us. To make us 'one authentic person'. A person of solid character. Remember? Good. Before I continue please let me apologise for breaking a promise. Yes, I must demonstrate some character *smiling*. I had promised to post this 'Part II' the very next day. I did not. I am sorry. Forgive me. Thank you very much. 

I know I have given some definitions of the word 'Character' but to bring it home, I will now continue by sharing some examples Myles Munroe gave of everyday things that can help us better understand what character is. I mentioned one last time: Cement and how it demonstrates 'character' when it dries. When it is still wet, you can mould it into any shape you want. Just like many of us today. If the hot trend is X, we wear X. If the hot trend is doing Y we do Y. If Mr. A says 1, we agree. If Mr. B says 5, we agree. It does not bother us that X, Y, 1 and 5 do not please God. We just want to be 'trending' and a friend to all. This ought not to be. We should be like dry cement. Fixed. Set in our ways. And our ways should be God's ways. 

If you are in China and think of this
statue in Nigeria, you know exactly where
 it is & what it is doing? You can count on it
It has character.
Do me a favour. Take a moment and think of any Statue you know. Can you see it in your mind's eye? Good. Now, in all the times you have gone by, driven by, walked by, seen this statue, has it not looked exactly the same? Has it not been in the exaxt same spot. It never changes, does it? Come rain, come shine, Come bird poop that statue (at least all the solid historical ones) remains the same. Unflinching. And that is how we should be in every situation, no matter who we are with, no matter what is at stake. We, like a statue, must stand resolute on the side of what is right in God's eyes. When we do, we are showing that we have character. Another example is The Alphabet. While another are Numbers. A is always A and 100 is always 100. Can you be counted on to always be 'you'? If you travel to Dubai tomorrow and you are alone in your hotel room, are you still the same you that stands behind the pulpit in church? No matter what country I go to I can count on the number 10,000 to always be 10,000 because Numbers have 'character'. Do you?

Listen, I am not judging you. I am judging us. All of us who call ourselves Christ-followers. The sad and ugly truth is that we don't have character. Had we even a smidgen of it, this country we call home will not be as it is. I have no doubt in my mind that the disease ailing Nigeria is one called 'Charactervoiditis'. No don't laugh. It's a serious ailment. Myles Munroe showed us how a lack of character does the following:

1. Cancels your power to influence others because when you lack character you tend to compromise. Compromise does not just kill your influence. It is a destiny-stealer. Go and ask Samson.

2. Makes it impossible for God to trust you. How can He? When you are sweetness and lithe outside but your husband sleeps with one eye open at home. You stand for hours in church like a responsible Usher then you go and stand on your wife's head at home!

3. Robs a nation of leaders that can rule/be in dominion over the resources of a nation. Only when our leaders have character will they be able to govern and rule our country. Same goes for us; to be in dominion over all our resources, we have got to get some character deep down in us. 
Any doubts as to what ails Nigeria?

So how do we go about doing this? Through temptation. What! Yes, you read right. Apparently temptation does not have to be a bad thing. The word 'to tempt' actually means 'to test for weakness'. So for us Christians, temptation is a sort of Character Development Programme ('CDP') that helps us deal with our 'Achilles tendon' - our weak/blind spots. Every time we overcome a temptation, our character grows and deepens. True we will have some scars but that's OK because you should never trust anyone who does not have any battle wounds! Do bear in mind that tests can come in all sorts of ways but they will all fall into one of these categories: Appetite Temptations (Food, Drink & Sex); Fame (which is a shortcut to Greatness by the way) or Power. So beware! 

Character is not a destination. It's a journey.
A life long one.
Now that we know all this, let's continue to pray to God to help us. Let's welcome the tests knowing that with each one we pass we are moving towards being a more principled person. A person with strong convictions. A person of Character. See, until God tests you, He cannot trust you o! Don't you see how He even had to test The Man Jesus? Yes now! After the Spirit of God came on him at his baptism, he was led into the wilderness to be tested. God needed to be sure that Jesus the man was 'man enough' to be Jesus, the Christ. Can you imagine someone suffering from Charactervoiditis going willingly to The Cross? Lailai!. In fact, I am pretty sure that the moment Judas approached with his treacherous kiss, the man would just take off! Thank God Jesus was a Man of Character like his Father. See, in the end, what it bought for him. A Name above all Names. And power like no other. Is that not we also seek? It is and it is why we all need to get some character of our own.
Sista-mine, don't marry for power. Marry a man with character. His character is his power!
Brother-mine, don't marry for beauty. Marry a woman with character. Character is beautiful!
Charisma is good. The X-factor is good. Fame, Power, Ratings, Rankings, all these are good. But Character is Best. Like I said yesterday, without it, all of the above will fall to ruin eventually. Remember Samson and Joseph? Which of these men would you rather end up like?

I know my answer and I believe I know yours too. So come on, let's go get some character! I agree with Myles Munroe 100%. 

It is truly the most important quality of all.

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  1. lack of character is truly a destiny killer. Imagine what will happen if we say one thing but don't practice it. The result as you have rightly said is that we start making compromises and reduce our capacity to influence as God as intended.
    God has called us to set His kingdom on earth, how can we do this if we are still lacking in character.
    dear Sis, thanks for reminding me of my responsibility.

    1. I must apologize for just seeing this comment my love. Forgive me. I just came by to read my blogs that Dr. Myles Munroe today, we mourn his passing....


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