Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Ugly Truth: Many Of Us Christians Have No Character.

Away with the masks all ye Christian pilgrims!
The Lord will have us one-faced!
Yes, wince. Welcome to the club. I winced many times as I listened to Myles Munroe yesterday night as he broke down the issue of Character and and how God cannot really do much for us until we get a solid character. God created us to live in dominion but we will not do so until our image reflects His. God is a God of His word. He is unwavering in all His ways. He is the Unchanging Changer. He is the One who says that both Day and Night are the same to Him. 

Now, we who call ourselves His children are one animal by day and another by night. We are many-faced creatures changing our masks depending on where we are, who we are with and how hot or cold the water of life has become. We stand for nothing and fall for all things. We lift up holy hands in church and collect dirty bribes in the office. We feign holier than though at prayer meetings but flock to wolis to 'buy' prayer and fasting. We sing in the choir on Sunday and spew out vexed curses on the highway on Monday. I say it again, the truth is many of us have no character. For a person with character is 'set' in his/her ways. Like cement when it dries. Sadly many are set in ugly ways ('that is just the way I am!'). If only we can switch it around and be so stubborn about reflecting Christ.

I admit, I am not even sure how to share all that Myles Munroe said to us so rather than over-think the matter, I am just going to download all my notes. My prayer is that God's Spirit will help me do this in a way that makes sense *smiling*.  If this blog gets too long. I shall stop and do a part II. Did you feel a bit uncomfortable reading my words above? Good. Why should I be the only one to feel that way? But here is the good news. We can change. If we really want to. 

Character is the most important quality we need to possess in this life. Let's check out Samson and Joseph for a moment: Samson had strength of body.Joseph had strength of character. Samson wanted to impress men. Joseph focus was on impressing God and only God! Joseph died the Prime Minister, a mighty powerful man. Samson, well we all know how he died. Sightless and wretched. Which of the people would you rather be? 

Many of us are chasing money, power, fame, position and this is fine. But without character, we will end up losing it all! Assuming we even acquire them. How come? You see, it is your character that will  protect your money, power and all of that. When you have no character, you will eventually compromise in one way or another because you have no convictions! Our goal from this moment should be to develop into people of character. But what is this character I have been talking about?

Character is:
1. The very essence of God's nature. He never changes. This is why we can trust Him. Because He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Are you? How can God give you all you are asking Him when you are always changing? Today you are hot for Christ. Tomorrow, you are not. Today, you refuse to lie, tomorrow, you say a white lie is not a lie. The first thing God gave man was not power or wealth. I was 'His own image'. His own character. That is why it is a priority for Him. No character. No power. No notin for you!

2. Our commitment to a set of values. Do you value honesty? If you do, then you will just not lie. Do you value your holiness? Then you will not do anything that stains it. Like we learn in HR, many us have what we call 'Espoused values' - The values we claim to live by. But our actions, words and thoughts demonstrate that we have a whole other set of values - Our In Use' values. What does this say about us? Yes, we are two-faced. In short, we have no character.

3. Our constant effort to integrate our words, deeds and actions so that we are ONE authentic person. What we do under the cover of 'night' or behind closed doors should be no different from what we do in full view of the world. We must bring out and burn all the various masks we wear on a daily basis. A person of character has no secret life. Gbam!
4. Our Readiness to sacrifice for the sake of our principles. Walk away from that job that requires you flaunt your chest at a client. Better to lose that contract than subject the temple of the Most High God that your body is to unprintable acts. If the 'fiance' you have been carrying like an egg insists on 'seeing your down below', run like the wind! Better the egg break into tiny bits than you being stuck with it in all its smelly rotten-ness later!

5. Integrity. Yes, Character is integrity. God has integrity. Like we sing. He does what he says and He says what he does. Do you have your Father in Heaven's image today?  Are you are person of your word?

Think about all you have read and begin to talk to your God. Thankfully, He is ever ready and ever willing to help us. As we release all our many masks to Him. He will unify us. He will make us ONE.  Just like Him.


(To be continued on the morrow. Good night.)


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  2. @Jerrry: Thank you so much. You are right. I think it did increase traffic to my blog! *smiling*


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