Saturday, 29 March 2014

The God Culture & 2 Random Questions For You

What is 'The God Culture'?

Before I try to explain, do you remember my two last blogs? The Ugly Truth I & II? Well, you don't have to believe a word I said because if you click on that link, you can just watch and listen to Myles Munroe yourself and make up your own mind about whether or not you want to be 'A Christian of Character' or not. Like I said on my Facebook, this is a message I believe has the potential to change your life as a person and more importantly as Christ-Follower.  

So, first of all, what is culture? Simply put (the way I like things to be), culture describes the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular group of people. If you listen to the sermon above you will hear the part where Myles Munroe talks about how God wants to fill the earth with His Glory. He explained how 'this glory' is not a smoky cloud-like presence that will fill a room as we might imagine it. Rather what it means is that God wants His presence in our lives to be so 'so weighty or heavy' that He leaves an imprint on us. Yes, God wants to 'brand' us with His 'mark' so that through our lives the 'culture of Heaven' will begin to take over what ever space we occupy on earth. So, in short, if all you do, the way you live, your customs and ideas ALL give God glory then you are propagating 'The God Culture' - the ideas, customs and behaviour of a particular group of people called Christians.  
This past Monday on my Salt Matters page on Facebook, I shared a weekly confession about this and would like to share with you my blog family as well (Please do like the page if you are on FB by the way):

PapaGod, may my life bring
the culture of Heaven down to earth
In Jesus name. Amen!
This week, God’s Word will find expression in my life.
God’s image; His very character will reign on earth THROUGH my thoughts, words and actions! 'The God Culture*' shall take root in my own corner of the world BECAUSE of me!
So it is, so shall it be, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen!

* The God Culture* is His way of doing things that brings His glory down over all the earth. When we display God's character we are living 'His culture' and if we do it right, we will begin to influence our worlds......

Yes, I truly believe that if we do things in our lives down here the way God does things in heaven above, I know our lives will be blessed like never before. People who live this way are people God can trust and when God knows He can trust you, He will give you the power you need to create all the wealth you need. Because NOW He knows you will be a good steward of all the resources that will come into your hands. He can trust that you know that people who have imbibed the God Culture always seek to bring God glory FIRST. 

And now, my two questions for your Saturday/Sunday musing pleasure *smiling*. Why should I be the only one thinking about these things?

Question 1
I was reading the story of Uzzah and the Ark again some time last week. Remember Uzzah? The guy who reached out to touch the Ark because he thought it was about to fall when the oxen stumbled? It got me thinking? God really takes holiness seriously and asks that we treat Him with reverence.What represents 'The Ark' in my life? In yours? What are we treating with the same irreverence? Our Bible? Sometimes I do wish we treated our Bibles with more respect. Our bodies? We are, after all meant to be the dwelling place of the Most High. Our attitude to offerings? We don't even think about it till the basket comes round then we crumple some old notes into the envelope? Were we living in OT times, what do we do, supposedly 'for God'  that God would have struck us down for? 

Question 2
None shall be barren in the land. God said this in His Word. He is not a man that lies. So we stand on this promise. Yet Michal, David's wife 'remained barren till the day of her death'. Why? I have been thinking about this because it must be serious for God to allow this situation that counters His promise  remain in the Bible. He must want us to pay attention. Michal 'despised' David in her heart. She placed position and royalty over God. Who are you despising in your heart? Do you think yourself to 'big' to be a fool for God in praise and worship? Is there any barrenness in your life? Check your heart. Are you despising God's anointed ones? Your pastor? His wife? Someone in spiritual authority? Does the final verdict on Michal not show you how much God hates this?

My People, on this note, I bid thee Goodnight and Happy Sunday in advance.

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