Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sunsets and Sunrises (Happy Birthday My Son)

Happy Birthday,  our
Treasure beyond Measure!
To God alone be all the glory.
I remember when we began planning for my Papa's sendforth and discussing possible dates I had wanted to steer clear of any March dates. At the time, I just could not stomach the idea of laying Prof to rest during the birth month of my first two children. I already had one sadness and joy bittersweet month in my life and did not want another. But as these things go, I had no choice as we needed to be done before Lent season kicked off. But you know, now that I think about it, it really does make perfect sense. The fact that my mom died the same month as I was born and eventually got married and now my Papa, my Prof has been laid to rest in the same month as his first two grandchildren were born just underlines one deep truth. Life is a circle. 

Of Sunsets and Sunrises. 

Of Deaths and Births. 

Prof, I am sure loves this and I know Akan, you will get this too. Yes, you will get the symbolism in it all. The poignancy of it all. Your Grandpa's sun just set and what a wonderful horizon it provided for us all and now we have your breath-taking sunrise to watch over the course of the years to come. And Awwghhh...God just takes my breathe away with all that he has been doing in your life. He really does!

My dear son, I cannot believe you turn 20 today! Come on! Glory be to God!. Happy Birthday Akan!!!!! Sometimes I literally have to shield my eyes from the blaze of God's glory over your life. You make your Papa and I so aware of how small we are in the scheme of God's plans for you. We are so proud of the young man you are becoming. So focused. So forward-looking. So caring to the point of being too intense sometimes. So aware of the power within that needs to be harnessed when storms come. True, I know that this past year, you have had to cope with some of the most challenging times in your academic life but cope you did! Thanks to the King that lives in you. Like I always tell you, God is all you need. He has been with you right from when you were just cells splitting in my womb (yes, I know, if I did not go all 'yuck' on you, would it be your mama? *smiling*) till this very day. He never leaves you. He always has your back. You just keep yourself in the middle of His will for you and let him guide you always. OK?

Forgive me for going all preachy but you know me, right? So, what's up for today? Do have a great day my first born son. You have such a great heart. A quiet, yet strong will. A considerate soul. I truly appreciate that about you. So my son! What you gonna do today? You will rock it o! Yes o! You MUST rock it well well! 

Rock your day as you celebrate all that God has done in, for and through you! 
Rock your day as you bask in the knowledge that God is using you as a wonderful role model for your sister and brother!
Rock your day in thanksgiving to a God who has called you to be a fame and a praise in your generation!
Rock your day as you look into your future in the knowledge that God has much in store for you. 

Akan my dear son, rock your day because you know you have your papa's fierce support; your mama's praying knees and the adoration and respect of your siblings and all of this wrapped up in unconditional love, God's and your family's.

I am so confident that you will be a great contributor to the joined-up legacy that our families will leave behind on this earth as each one of  us, in our own ways, take over the baton from our Papa, our Grandpa, Our Prof. But do me one favour, in all of the above, in all you do, remember to always chill and have fun! OK? Yes, and prove to me that you will do this by going out today and having a blast!

Go AK! Go AK! It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

With Love

Your Mama


  1. Happy Birthday to your son!

    I Love how you do this for them and Its so refreshing to see that they have such amazing parents. A big Amen to all the prayers said above and this sunrise will shine bright and brighter that you even imagined!!

    God bless your heart ma and his!!

  2. @Tommie: My love, He has an amazing God who is helping his parents.....trust me. THAT is the truth. God bless you my dia. Always, always love to read your comments.

  3. I read his tribute to his grandpa in the funeral program and the first thought that came to my mind was, 'wow, this boy writes really well.' His words tugged at my heartstrings. God bless your boy as he enters into the twenties. Akan will continuously make you proud and God will use him as His battle axe to this generation. Even though he is in this world, he is not of this world and none of the vices of the children of this generation shall influence him negatively. He shall serve his Creator in his youthful days and shall never stray from Him. I like a particular prayer points that a pastor mentor taught us one time. She said, 'it shall be impossible for our children to serve other gods, except the One true God.' I declare this for Akan. May he walk continuously along the paths of righteousness.

  4. @Unyime: Yes, AK's writes very well. As in, I read some of his stuff and wonder how he does it. His sister too.....I would say it was thanks to me but I know better. They are both on another God-given level with their gifts. Sis, Amen and Amen and Amen to all your prayers. Indeed our children shall not go after other gods in Jesus name. Amen! The seeds God has helped us sow in all their lives will not be in vain. They shall be lasting fruit in all they do in Jesus name. Amen!

  5. Happy birthday to Ak. I'm so grateful for his life. The seed of the righteous shall be mighty in the earth. He will be a son of the Highest indeed, wisdom and stability shall be the signs of his times. Welcome to March sis. I celebrate the firsts with you and bless God for your wedding anniversary, your firstborn and your daughter's births. You are a blessed woman and I brag on God for you.


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