Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Tribute to My Papa, My Prof.

God is just amazing. Please stop reading this right now, pause for just a moment and go down on your knees for me...please. Just send up a prayer of gratitude to God. He has been good to me and my family. You never know how much God fights for you till you come face to face with the enemy. I thank God for ALL the 'drama' we experienced in Ekiti because it allowed us SEE God for ourselves.  If we did not know Him before. We know Him now. My papa is resting now. In peace. And it is all just God. Praise His name.

I got home today, tired and smelling like a goat (thanks to my mgm, who is really a farmer at heart*smiling*) and I picked up the phone . Who was I about call? My Papa, My Prof. I wanted to tell him that I was home safe and I would do usually after any trip........

It is well.

My Tribute to My Papa, My Prof!

I am a blogger and am used to spilling my guts on my blog. So my expectation was that I would be able to write at least a whole page for this in no time. But it was not that easy. It was hard because there is no way to capture in words how I am feeling about what we are doing here right now. Laying you to rest? How can this be? You are so full of life Papa! Even when you were ill and I said something to make you laugh, your laughter was so alive.  So loud and reassuring! I was so confident that you were going to beat this thing.

But you did beat it Papa, didn't you? You overcame death because you were in Christ. THAT is the one single thing that comforts me. I know you did a lot of thinking as you laid there in that bed, tears coursing down the side of your face. It broke my heart to see you like that but now it comforts me as I believe you were having some tough but loving conversations with God. Thank you for fighting back with us. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give back to you. I wish we could have done that some other way but God is Sovereign and I will not question him. In the midst of all that drama, I have many good memories especially the one where all of us, children and grandchildren were singing ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ to you on Christmas Day. The smile on your face and the way you shook as you laughed is a picture. I will always treasure in my heart.  Even now, I can still hear you saying ‘I’m fine and God is Good! Yes, God always gives us a reason to thank him even in the midst of our pain.

Anyone who has read my blogs about you will agree that I am so blessed because I have so many good memories of growing up with you. Now more than ever I am holding on to them with all my heart. I am using my memories of you to encourage others to go out there and make time to create memories with their families. I want some young girl to be able to grow up into a woman who can brag that her Papa used to plait her hair or make her dodo and egg stew! Yes, Papa you used to do that. Oh, I love you so much Papa and I miss you so much. People tell me to shake it off and be strong. I want to but everything reminds me of you. The other day I looked down at my unpainted, un-manicured toe nails and burst into tears. My toe nails looked just like yours did. I know you won’t want me to be miserable and I am trying but the truth is this is your fault to be honest. You were such a strong and ‘present’ Papa.  When Mom passed you filled her void too and now you are both gone. No one, nothing can fill that void now. You were not perfect but you were mine. My Papa.

Still, I know you will not want me to remain in a blue funk. You always wanted your children to be happy and would ask us over and over ‘You happy?’ So I promise I shall do my best and be happy because I know deep down you are in a better place. You fought and you won.  Besides, to live in the hearts of those who love you is not to die. So you live on Papa; in my heart and in the hearts of all those who love you I read all the tributes being left for you by so many of  your students (past and present) and I marvel. What a wonderful legacy of love, kindness, generosity, knowledge-sharing and academic excellence you have left behind!

My Papa, My Prof, I brag on God for your life.

Yes, To God alone be all the glory!
(taken from the Sendforth programme, Saturday, 01 March 2014)


  1. no words...i am sending you a big fat hug....

    1. Over two years late but that does not change how I feel seeing this right now. Thank you Sykik. Happy Easter. *Big hug*


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