Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Personal 'Love of God', Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!

Any how you do your face, you know I love you! Lol!
My Personal 'Love of God', I brag on God for your life!
Happy Birthday!
Arike is right. I am blessed to have two of my children born in the same month exactly one week after each other. Actually I was trying to 'born' my daughter on the same day as her brother but she had plans of her own. That's my Ima, my only Princess! She was and still is not one to be 'perching' on other people's lime-light. She'd rather have her own spot. And she does. She is the only girl and our only Princess and she likes it like that *smiling*. My love, I am so happy to send you my love on this day, your birthday! Happy Birthday my Ima! To God alone be all the glory!

I know like your brother, you are reading this and rolling your eyes. Lol! When will I stop doing these birthday blogs? I really don't know. Let's wait and see. But pray tell my love, my one and only Personal 'Love of God' living in my home, how can you be 17 years old already? True, I know we wear the same shoe size and true my lip gloss and mascara started going on 'strolls' and true, we have moved from trainer bras to proper bras (Lol! Yes, that's why I am mommy, if I did not say that, would you not suspect an impostor was doing this blog?) BUT still, how can you be 17? How can this be????

I know how.

You can be 17 because my God is a Faithful God. He formed you in my belly all those years ago, kept you safe for 9 whole months making sure the right cells were splitting in the right way and at the right time. This same God brought you and I safely through labour making sure you took your first breathe, screamed your first cry, filled your lungs with oxygen and kissed your heart to make it beat life through you and has been doing so for me ever since. Oh! What a Mighty God I serve! Yes, my PapaGod gave you life and has sustained it for the past 17 years! I just exalt His Name! 

I, we, your Papa and I are so grateful to have you right there in the middle of our two boys. You bring just the perfect mix into our lives. Being our 'Ima in the Middle' is, for us, just a perfect arrangement ordained by our Perfect God. But for you, who would we have to fill our home with the sound of music? Many times, I sit and wish you were home to play the piano. There is nothing like being upstairs listening to you practise. It is one of my favourite things. Yes, you think no one is listening, abi? Trust me, I am listening. More than you think. And I am watching you too. Way more than you think *smiling*

So I know that you are turning out to be a very sensitive and emotionally intelligent young lady. And I thank God for that because adding that to the natural smarts God has blessed you with assures me that you will be a well rounded young woman. You will never know how proud we are of how you have handled yourself away from home. Well done! You don't worry my love, you have a Big God by your side all the time. Just keep doing your best and don't let the devil sell you any lies about your performance. You will always be on top and never beneath because God's favour is on you. And God's favour is not fair. It is just favour. So when fears come, remember this OK? God will honour your diligence and your strong desire to be excellent in all you do. He has not failed you before. He will not start now. Trust me. I am your mommy and I know. But you know what? Scratch that. Don't trust me. Trust your God. Always.

This is your first ever birthday away from home and it is my prayer that you are having as much fun as you can considering it's a school day. I hope Aunty Martha was able to surprise you with the cake? *smiling*. Yes, what won't a mother do for her only daughter. Imagine organising a cake all the way from over here for you over yonder. Lol! So, my love, Happy, Happy 17th Birthday to you!!! Your Papa, your brothers and I love you plenty! But like I always tell you kids, as much as we, your parents love you, God loves you more. Way more. Let this truth find a place in your heart to rest for ever. OK?

Let me give you a quick tip on this your 17th birthday. Even if you forget that God loves you, anytime anyone calls your name, let that be your trigger to remember. Yes, I know you know what your name means BUT from this day be conscious of it more. Your name is special. The Love of God. That is what you have. That is who you are are. How wonderful is that?

It is the best present you could ever have and it lasts forever. 

P. S. PapaGod, I am positive now. I am happy that in the end, March is a mixed bag month. I love mixing thoughts of my Papa, my Prof with thoughts of my two children like this. I cannot explain it all but it does not feel THAT awful.......because somehow as my children live on....so does my Papa........somehow. Cos, when you are part of a family, you are all connected.


  1. I always read your blog posts but this is the first time I am commenting...your kids are so lucky to have you.this has inspired me to write somethg nice for my son's third birthday which is also this month...Happy birthday to you Ima,you are so pretty.God bless you in the new year in ways you have never even imagined.*big hug to Salt and Ima*

  2. We March kids are pretty much exceptional. Hehehe HBD Ima

  3. Touching. My prayer is that, as God sees your person-hood, may He cause your parenthood to be impactful as your children come to 'own' their own faith. I wish your pretty princess, a happy 17th birthday. May she grow up becoming increasingly Christlike in her thoughts, values and attitudes, and as she is away from home, may she hold on to those values that you and her father hold dear as a family and make her Savior proud. God bless Imaobong.

  4. @Anonymous: Thank you for coming by! Please do write the note/letter to your son and read it to him. It is just another way of letting our kids know how we feel about them so they don't have to guess plus it is another way to thank God for gifting us with them. My older kids 'form' like they don't read them but we all know they do. Lol! Thanks for dropping a comment this time. *smiling*

    @Ebiye: You know now. We thank God for all of una March pikins! Thanks for coming by.

    @Unyime-Ivy: Amen and Amen! Such an on point prayer! God bless you! And I pray same for your children as well.

  5. ****Mufasa Said12 March 2014 at 06:07

    Dropped a comment a while ago but I tink explorer is eating comments nw. Anywayz, happy birthday beautiful ima, wishing you many more fruitful years ahead. You av a great role model in your mother and I know ul learn so much from her; the only exception is you'l be greater. May your days be blessed with God's best and may His grace be sufficient for you now and forever. Like I always say,always remember who you are and whose you are.
    Enjoy yourself dear.

    ****Mufasa Said

  6. Happy belated birthday to your angel and Princess. She is blessed

  7. @Mufasa: Thank you so much. You are such an encourager. I say a huge AMEN to your prayers for Ima. I pray same over you and yours too. Bless you.

    @Sykik: Thank you so much. God bless you.

  8. This is so beautiful.. One of the best gifts is having a God-ly mother who shows by example how to love God.
    Happy birthday Ima.. May you always be a constant reminder and evidence of the love of God to all that interact with you xx


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