Sunday, 30 March 2014

God's Rain Is Coming..... Are You Ready?

2014 is going to be your best year yet.

Did I hear you say a loud 'Amen'?  These were the words that Pastor Sola Adeaga proclaimed to us as he began sharing with us this morning. I sat up in my seat as if hit by lightning because I kid you not, God had more or less been telling me the same thing ever since I laid my Papa to rest. As you can imagine, I had a tough time dealing with these words. How can the year that took my Papa away from me be my best year. But anyway, I don't argue with God anymore these days so I took the words to heart. I know that God, in His loving way, sent Pastor Adeaga to me to beat His message into my block head once and for all. I know this  for sure because after he said the above words he then went on to say these ones: 

Need Rain? Get God?
God will soon send 'Rain'

My heart skipped a beat because just some days back I remember telling my mgm that I could hear the sound of the abundance of rain. Surely this was God! I almost burst into a happy song right there in my seat. But then, Pastor Adeaga said these words:

Before you run out to welcome the rain, there are some things you need to know and do

My ears pricked up because I am really expectant NOW and I do not want anything to stand in the way of my rain. By the way, 'rain' for me means my spiritual walk going to a new level, financial breakthrough and business expansion for our family business, something spectacular in the area of my books, new birth in the work place, my kids excelling as humans and student , a new home and at least two new cars (our current vehicles are begging for a reprieve). What does  'Rain' mean for you? Do share.

Anyway, so what do we need to know and do?
1. Why do we experience drought in the first place?
2. And what brings God's rain down?

So why does God hold back the rain from falling in our lives? One, because we refuse to focus on Him. We go to church Sundays and midweek not because we  love him but because we want him to bless us. Ouch! Yes, painful but still true. We need to seek God's kingdom first and sincerely too. See, God can see our hearts o! And he knows what is motivating you to follow Him. Until we seek God's face more than His hands, He will hold back his rain.  

Two, because we don't love God with all our hearts. Because we are not committed to obeying His word. I just love the scripture Pastor Adeaga used to drive this home. Let me share it with you. It will reduce any grammar I might want to speak. I have underlined the bits I believe we should really pay attention to.

13 “And if you will carefully obey all of his commandments that I am going to give you today, and if you will love the Lord your God with all your hearts and souls and will worship him, 14 then he will continue to send both the early and late rains that will produce wonderful crops of grain, grapes for your wine, and olive oil. 15 He will give you lush pastureland for your cattle to graze in, and you yourselves shall have plenty to eat and be fully content. 16 But beware that your hearts do not turn from God to worship other gods. 17 For if you do, the anger of the Lord will be hot against you, and he will shut the heavens—there will be no rain and no harvest, and you will quickly perish from the good land the Lord has given you. 18 So keep these commandments carefully in mind. Tie them to your hand to remind you to obey them, and tie them to your forehead between your eyes!

Read those words over again and may God's Spirit help you to see where you need to get your act together!

And what do we do need to do to move from drought to rain? One, repair the altar. What does this mean? Maybe like me your first thought was about your prayer life and that is very key but what God is really looking for is your heart. What is the state of your heart today? I might not be able to see but God can. Were He to look into your heart right now, would he like what He sees? For your rain to come, your heart needs to be right with God. Two, we must be  prepared to sacrifice. Yes, we must be ready to go the extra mile for God. We must be willing to OBEY Him no matter what. It will not be easy but if we do, we will provoke God's rain. Three, know that your obedience will be tested and when the test comes, we must focus on The Rainmaker. He will give you all you need to overcome the tests. So that when the rain comes, you will be in the right place to enjoy all the blessings it brings. As opposed to be drenched like a rat!

Remember, The Rain of God only falls on the People of God.

And as the Lord lives I know His rain is coming. My question to you is:

Are you ready?

N.B. I just want to send a loving shout out to my sista, my Ore, Yetunde Oni. Today is your first Mother's Day without your mom. I watched you in church and I totally understood the look on your face and your tears. It is well with you my love because God is your mother now more than ever. Plus, who knows perhaps they celebrate Mother's Day up there....... *hugging you*

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