Friday, 21 March 2014

7 Reasons Why You MUST Come For 'Woman Cry Out' TOMORROW!

(Yes, true, I am repeating a blog I used before for this same WCO but why reinvent the wheel when this one works nicely? *smiling*. Plus I should have done this ages ago but 'life got a hold on me'. So forgive me and let's move on to the quickly to  'koko' of the matter. )

I shall not beat around the bush. If you read all these reasons and you still do not come.....OK, I comment my reserves. All I know is that unless you are getting married, or giving birth on this date or have to be out of Lagos, I am not sure what should keep you away *smiling*.

Reason 1: You are a woman. This is a prayer gathering where women come to cry out to 'their King and God' and he hears them. Testimonies abound! So you must be there unless you are not seeking testimonies in your life.

Reason 2: It is a prayer gathering. You will pray. God see your thoughts and wishes and hopes and dreams but he can only respond to your prayers. At this meeting, trust me you WILL pray. You WILL open your mouth and cry out to the King and he will grant your requests as you ask in Jesus Christ's name in faith.

Reason 3: It is a joined up gathering of women: You know that God loves us women, right? When women come together in corporate, joined up prayer, you know God will be right there, right? So you know that the prayers that will be lifted up will touch heaven, right? Good. So why would you miss such a gathering?

Reason 4:  WCO is Pastor Bemigho Omayuku's ministry and if you know this woman, you will know she is not for wishy-washy Christianity. If you know her, you will know that she does not believe in calling people to waste their time. She means business and her business is to, by the grace of God, help women become all God has called them to be. Her business is to build women who are empowered on the inside (by His Spirit) and beautiful on the outside (to reflect His Glory)! Don't you want to be such a woman?

Reason 5: You will get your 'word': If you come with an expectant heart and an attentive ear, my sister, you will get your 'word' and if you stand on that word, you will get what it promises you. God's word never falls to the ground. Don't you need a word? I do and I know I will get it on Saturday, 22 March 2014 at The Standard Alliance Insurance Plc (Event Hall), Block 94, Providence Street Street, Off Adewunmi Drive, Off Lekki 2nd Roundabout by Standard Chartered Bank, Lekki Phase 1!

Reason 6: The worship will blow you away! If like me you like being taken to your 'zone'  where you lose yourself in the presence of God THEN this is the prayer gathering for you! I know even though Pastor B has never told me so that she takes her time with God to choose what songs will be sung, what praise songs, what worship songs. Yes, she is thorough like that but I also know that she always wants the Holy Spirit to have complete sway over these prayer gatherings. So if you come, you are sure to have a personal encounter because God will surely be in the house.

Reason 7:  God is inviting you: You might see this and think oh just another women's meeting. You are wrong. WCO is not just another meeting. It is a divine invitation to come into the Presence of the King. 

Please accept His invitation.

I hope to see you there!

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