Saturday, 22 February 2014

One Word

My one word is 'Salt'
What's yours?
If you died right now and I had to speak about you tomorrow using just one word, what ONE word would that be?

I know, what an abrupt opening to a blog. True but truth be told, Life can be pretty abrupt sometimes. I mean, how many times does Life give you fair warning? And even when it gives you two months, how prepared are you really for its final answer? I can tell you this for free because I have just been there. Life tried to prepare me for two months, my Papa and my PapaGod tried to prepare me BUT still I am still in shock by their final answer. I accept it because I must accept God's best. I am happy about it because I hated seeing my Papa like that BUT I am still trying to deal with it. In semi-shock.

But away from me and back to  you. So tell me, what's your ONE word?

I have been reading tributes sent in for the Send forth Programme and those left on Always Remembered for my Papa, my Prof and I am just amazed by all that I read. No, I am not surprised. Just amazed. He touched so many people! I knew he was a great dad and grandpa but now I see he was a great man and educator! Like Fela Durotoye would say, my Papa, my Prof was a transformer. Are you?

Again, I ask, what one word would I or people who know you use to describe you when you are gone? I think my papa's one word would be Gentleness. And as this is my blog I get to add two more: Caring Educator and Laughter. Ok, I agree, that's three more words but manage me like that *smiling*. The koko of this blog is not my words. The koko is your one word.

What is it?

Close your eyes and transport yourself to many, many years ahead. See yourself sitting at your own send forth services. What one word will you like to be the common thread running though all the tributes you are hearing about you? Got the word? Good.

Now, go and live the rest of your days with that one word in mind.

Love you but I cannot tell you how happy I am to know that God loves you way more.


  1. This makes you just want to get up and DO SOMETHING!!! I want my one word to be "Transformer" Time to start living it out

    I am new on wordpress and I would like you to please check out my blog :)


  2. Salt to Transformer: Go, find and fulfill your God-given destiny...and I am confident you till do just you dive deeper into the One who sent you.

  3. Nice post Big Sis, God rest your father's soul.You must be so proud of Him. I pray that if God tarries, we will leaev such tributes for our kids to collate at our passing.

    Hmm... I think I would like my one word to be COMPASSIONATE. I just want to carry and exude the great grace and love of Christ in every way and in to every one I come across. If I am remembered as being compassionate, that for me will be it.

  4. Hi Salt, good luck with the walk on March 6th, I really hope you are able to make a positive change. If I was to pick my one word I would choose Inspired.

  5. Salt to Compassionate: From your mouth to God's ears. Go and BE you!

    Salt to Inspired: Nice that you wanting to be inspired or you wanting to inspire others?


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