Thursday, 27 February 2014

Nigeria, Was I Not Mourning Enough For You?

I weep with you too my darling. I weep
for Nigeria, the mother of your mother.
But my tears will be silent no more
My tears shall MARCH!
Dear Nigeria

I guess it was just too much to ask that you not load any additional grief-inducing burden upon my tired shoulders. I mean why should you care about me? No worries, I don't blame you. It is the people I placed in power over you that I blame. No, scratch that. I actually blame myself. Yes, I blame myself for being one of  those who have only ranted and raved about your condition but done nothing. 

Until now.

If those people in Aso Rock think that 'we will get over it' and so they can continue to shrug their shoulders like people who do not understand the pain of losing a child. If they think that business as usual can continue as you, Nigeria continue to eat your own children, slaughter your own future, they have another think coming.

I, Salt, shall march! If you read this and have warm blood running through your veins, I beg of you, rant, rave, and please pray! But in addition, come and march!!! Enough is enough! This wanton killing of our country's tomorrow has got to stop.  We have got to make it stop.

Nigerian woman! Let your tears ACT! Come and March!
Together, our Voices will have the power those in power seem to lack!

We go with God! Details below:

Women across the land ARISE on the 6th of March, 2014! its NOT enough to just be running commentaries on Social Media, or praying in our closets!

Women and mothers are supposed to be the matrix of society.....

So we are calling on all women to WALK with on Thursday 6TH OF MARCH, 2014 IN LAGOS, ABUJA AND PORT - HARCOURT simultaneously - to mourn the WANTON KILLING AND ABDUCTION of our children up North and call on the Government to wade in seriously before we lose more of our next generations.... It concerns us all.


Date: Thursday, 6th March, 2014
Meeting point: Oregun Road/LTV Junction to Alausa
Time: 8.30am
Dress Code: BLACK TSHIRT on skirts/hijabs/trousers


Date: Thursday, 6th March, 2014
Meeting Point: Unity Fountain to NASS
Time: 8.30am
Mourning Dress Code: BLACK TSHIRT on skirts/hijabs/trousers


Same information above but starting point to House of Assembly will be notified.

This brutal murders cannot be ignored. Please post on your group page. Activists kindly organise your women folk and join this walk. It is just a few hours of your time but it will make a lasting impact.

If you are in other States and want to organise simultaneously be a part of this...kindly call undersigned. Together our voices should be heard.

We are all Women and we should ALL be Concerned. Please change your DP's and Timelines to reflect a period of mourning - women and concerned men also.

Laila St. Matthew-Daniel.
070 4385 1725

Lara Wise
Teresa Oyibo
Amy Oyekunle
Princess Olufemi-kayode
Dr. Josephine Odumakin
Renachi Mfiema Renada
Ronke Ojeikere-ikoroh
Hadunni Oluwawa
osunmakinwa morin
Kate Halim
Ada Agini-Ude
 — with Yinka Enahoro and 19 others.

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