Saturday, 15 February 2014

Love & Family (+ Prof. D. O. Adefolalu's Send Forth Details)

I have been thinking a lot today and just realised that the way I am dealing with my papa's passing is almost obsessive. It has occurred to me that sharing all these comments and posting all these posts and photos is in some way a feeble attempt by me to make him 'alive again' somehow. You know? 

Still, I refuse to think of this as entirely a bad thing but I have had to ask myself how much I 'hailed Prof' while he was truly alive. How well did I celebrate my papa while he could hear me? Apart from the blogs I did on him  and the 70th birthday party we organised for him, I cannot really place my finger on anything else equally tangible. I know my mgm would disagree but these are my thoughts. No, this does not make me sad. It just makes me a little mad at myself. I strongly suggest you save yourself the same feelings by making sure you celebrate, in tangible, lasting ways those you care about.

Have I said the above before? I suddenly feel like I have but oh well, perhaps it's worth repeating. Because I have come to realise that only two things truly matter: Love & Family. Love your 'world' like God loves you and Cherish your family. If you get these two things down pat, your pretty much have nailed this 'life thing' and will, for sure, leave a lasting legacy behind when you go home like my Papa did  24 days ago.

Please join me, if you can, as we send forth a man who took both words quite seriously. The details are as stated in the photo. Please note that the service at the Federal University of Technology Akure starts at 12 noon and not 10am as stated in the poster.

Colours for Saturday, 01 March are White and Wine as in White lace/brocade and wine gele/caps. Or anyway you want to wear those colours to be honest. What really matters is your presence. Thank you for your presence and/or your prayers.

'I am really happy and very appreciative of what God can do where love abounds'
 (Prof  to Salt via an sms message on June 24th 2013.)

To God alone be all the glory.


  1. Hello, I would say you are not the only one continuously mourning your dad. The news was more of a shock, and ever since, his farewell message has been on my facebook profile page. How did I learn about his demise? I had an assignment in a climate change course. The specific question was to find out if there is a community consensus on climate change in Nigeria. While I checked google and several other search engines, and had little information, I decided to call the ultimate 'search engine'. Prof was really an authority in the field of climate science. I just didn't know that by mere attending a conference he had lectured, but I was his undergraduate student for five years, worked with him at CCCFR as an IT student back then for 6 months, and he supervised my undergraduate project as well. Now and then, I did a few work for him when he was attending conferences in Abuja. Prof was an all time father. He never hesitated to support anyone who was willing to excel academically.

    Ok, back to the news. I called Prof's line that fateful evening of 28th January, 2014. I heard a woman's voice. That had never been the case. I greeted politely and asked to speak to Prof. The female voice answered, I am the wife, may I know who is speaking? And I said, good evening ma. Please tell him it is his former student, I need some information on climate change. And she said, that won't be possible, because "Prof passed on on Sunday", two days ago. I was speeeeeeeechless. Whaaaaaaaat???? What in the world happened? He sent me an sms in December 2013 that he wouldn't be available till January. Was it death he was quietly telling me about? Many thoughts ran through my mind. But in all those thoughts, one thing that made me feel good was my tradition of calling and sending sms every 22 of November to wish him a happy birthday. It became so much a tradition that I can tell you Prof's bday in my sleep. That is how much a father he had been to me, and the many students who had had an encounter with him. Very humble, always smiling, he doesn't yell at you even when you're making mistakes.

    I can't say it all. It's truly a great loss. Now to his dear family that he has left behind, I use this medium to extend my heartfelt condolences. May his gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Almighty.

    Your daughter,

  2. @DD: Thank you so much. What can I say? I can only thank God for all the many people, like you, whose lives my Papa, my Prof touched. Thank you for taking the time out to leave your comment. An official online memorial site has been set up for him on AlwaysRemembered. You may wish to go there to leave your tribute too.

  3. It is well dear glad GOD is seeing you through this period and making you strong!

    Rest on Prof

  4. Hello Salt, i don't know if this message is coming quite late. I discovered this today and right now; I was curious to know about the Prof that gave direction and believed in me, when i worked onto him on FUTminna Campus.
    Prof. was the reason today i passed through that great school on sport list. How did we meet ? Saw me close to his office on his way out and looked at me, boy! you should be playing basketball for the school team. I took that opportunity and told him am not a student yet and that i came in for admission, save the long story. Prof went to the VC and I was on Futminna Sport list.

    He guided me to my course of choice and today am proud to be graduate of Elect/ Computer Engineering . Daddy I miss you very much and will not forget that destiny encounter i have with you, one thing i have learned is to be good to people irrespective of their divide, ethnicity and religion.
    Rest in His love Daddy


    1. Your words brought me to tears..... thank you James. Thank you so much. You just made me even more proud to my Papa's daughter.

  5. Accept my heartfelt condolence on the death of Prof DO Adefolalu. Although i was not his student directly, i did take a few courses in Geography as electives way back in the late 80s at the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State. Prof was a detribalized Nigerian who worked really hard with his staff (from all parts of the country) to turn the Department of Geography into a world class institute. He supervised the first set of PhD students produced by the Federal University of Technology in Minna, i think all the three are now full professors. Prof and the three PhDs he graduated eventually started and efficiently managed the Center of Climate Control with funding from International organizations. This center has to date produced very useful data on climate with direct applicability to Agriculture, environmental management among others. Prof was very articulate, well organized and punctual for meetings and classes despite his tight National and International engagements. Prof traveled round the world attending seminars, presenting papers, supervising PhDs and as external examiner to several Universities in Nigeria and abroad, but still had time for his undergraduate and postgraduate students. Prof motivated a lot of people to excel not only in geography but in all fields of academic endeavours. He will definitely be missed! I pray God Almighty will grant his soul eternal rest and bless the family he left behind! Ameen!!! Dr. Babangida JIBRIN (08187636981)

    1. Dr. Jibrin
      You just made me cry. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this comment.
      It means so much to me. Yes, you just described my Papa, my Prof to a T. I thank God for his legacy.


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