Saturday, 1 February 2014

And So 'The Firsts' Begin

I really wish I did not think this thought but I did. Knowing me, it was inevitable anyway. I am a 'thinker' after all albeit a random one. But I bet my dear sistafriend Yetunde will understand what I am talking about. It's February, a new month and while I am grateful to God and wish you all a truly wonderful month, I cannot help but feel a twinge bolt of pain and sadness because it is the first February I am alive that my Papa is not. It is the first new month I am entering that my Papa is not. It is the first of many more 'firsts' that people like Yetunde Oni, Bunmi Oluwole and myself will have to go through over the next months. In all the days to come every milestone will be bittersweet. 

I will just have to find  a way to tide myself over those moments and I know God will help me the same way he is helping me now. I tell you, it is in times like these that you truly understand how the Holy Spirit is a Comforter. I am not even sure how He works. I just know that He does. God truly works.  For now, He has helped me cope by making me go back over my 2010 Diary to read the blogs I did about my dad way back then and sharing snippets on my Facebook page. Doing that makes me feel so happy because I know he read that book because he told me so. He was also especially moved that I dedicated it to him. I cannot tell you HOW wonderful it feels to have been able to, in some way, show my Papa what he meant to me and how much of my life with him as a little girl I remembered and cherished. Even then I did not know how much it would mean to I do.

So what is my point? It is this. I think you should consider writing a letter to your parents or doing a blog about them if you are a blogger. I will be in charge of putting together the tributes section of the programme for my Papa, my Prof and I am sure many will pour in. But the truth is, as special as they will be, Prof will not be able to read them. Yes, everyone will read and be moved by them but it would have been way nicer if everyone could have told Prof what they felt about him while he was still alive. Don't you agree? 

I am so thankful to God I got a chance to do that to some extent and I want you to have that chance to do so too. So please, go on....

Go write a letter to/blog a blog about your mom and/or dad......if you do and let me know, you will help me deal with 'my firsts' better. I hope this is something you would like to do. *smiling*



  1. Here's a big fat hug to make you feel warm and loved. Accept my condolences......

  2. Thank you PJK.

    Thank you Sykik.

    God bless you both.


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