Monday, 13 January 2014

Trust Without Borders

In church yesterday, Pastor Sola David-Borha preached a message titled 'Trust & Obey' and I remember thinking how it just made sense to talk about those two words in my next blog as having the bus driver as my father will do absolutely 'nada' for me if I don't obey him and trust him. 

Remember the little boy from my last blog? Had he not obeyed his father, he would have stopped at the designated bus-stop or somewhere else, maybe even across the road. And even if he had obeyed him initially, if he did not trust him, the Old man's incessant yet well-meaning efforts to get him to change his mind would have won him over. It was his deep trust in his father that kept him rooted to his spot. In 2014, we too must obey God and we must trust him totally. So that the bus taking us to our 2014 destinations will not pass us by. Dear one, you will not miss your bus! You will fulfill purpose in Jesus Christ name. Amen!

Trust is hard sometimes though. Not because I doubt God or his love for me but because in those moments what I am seeing with my eyes and hearing with my ears just overwhelm me to the point that THAT is all I can comprehend and God's promises seem far away or blurry like when I am not wearing my glasses. In those moments, I have to literally yank myself back away from the brink and remind myself about how my Faith has got to be blind and deaf and can never be about what I am feeling. It has to be about what I know. Who I know. And I know God. And God's plans for me trump reality.

Life and its ups and downs have schooled me well. I know God all by myself and I trust Him. I just want to trust Him more. You know what I mean? So, I have been asking Him, in the words of this truly wonderful song by Hillsong United, to send His Holy Spirit to come lead me to that place where my trust will be without borders. 

Ever since Eloho sent me this song last, I have been listening to it over and over. It not only soothes me, it sings my prayer and as I pray the song, it lifts me up over and above the waves of reality that are washing over me trying to drag me deep under the Ocean where my feet may fail....but....thankfully my obedience and trust in God will lift me above the waves and help me...

Walk upon the waters.



  1. I love this song!! Trust is essential o. I'm learning to trust God in all things as well.

  2. Me too Mstizzle. Me too. Even in the deep of the Ocean....Thank you so much for coming by and Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely post......Trust is usually dented by what we see around for sure. Hmmm it is well!

  4. That song fit dabaru pessin mind….Too deep!

  5. @Missy Tee: It is and that is why we need to keep our eyes OFF those 'signs' and keep them focused
    squarely on Christ and his finished work on the Cross.

    @In the: No be lie o! Each time I listen, I hear something deeper......that just make head spin with the joy of knowing that THIS too is mine. God is for me like this too...

  6. Trust can be so tough especially when one is confronted by the 'physical' evidence. It is a conscious deliberate effort to allow the Spirit of God take over all our fears and doubts; thank God for the help of the Holy Spirit. It is only possible in His power.

    1. My Sis, my Eyeneka ..... It's only possible with God's Spirit and you have to choose to obey Him.


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