Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Bus Driver Is My Father

My Father, the Bus-Driver......
In Him I Trust
I have been playing back this message by Pastor Poju Oyemade over and over in my head.since I listened to it yesterday. I have to thank my Sista-friend, Nkoyo for giving me this CD. There is so much in it that spoke to me but I just want to zone in on the bit that spoke to me the deepest: The Bus Driver is My Father.

What do I mean? Let me try and tell the story like Pastor Poju told it (If you know anyone who goes to that church you need to ask them to get you that CD though).

One morning an old man got to his bus-stop to wait for the bus. Shortly after a little boy joined him. Stopped at the bus-stop and then walked past him and went and stood further down from the actual designated bus-stop. The old man called out to the boy 'Hello lad, you are standing in the wrong spot. The bus always stops right here so come back and wait here'. The boy said no, that he was fine and would be OK. The old man insisted saying that in all his 30 years of waiting for the bus, it had never stopped anywhere else but at the bus-stop and still the boy refused to budge. He politely told the old man that he was not moving and would remain where he was. So the old man gave up feeling sorry for the little boy. He was sure to miss the bus. Then along came the bus. It stopped briefly where the old man was and then slowly moved only to stop right in front of the little boy. The little boy smiled and as he got on the bus, he stopped to look back at the stunned old man saying 'Sir, one thing I forgot to tell you was that the bus driver is my father and he had told me to wait right here!' 

Don't you just love this story? Do you see the point? In 2014, the bus driver is your God and you are the little boy or at least you should be. No matter what the norm has been. No matter what you did in 2013. No matter how people have done it before. No matter what the majority is doing, No matter what 'they' say is the right or wise way. You must make up your mind to ONLY do what God tells you to do. But how can you if you have not even sat with him to hear what he has to say? Like Pastor Poju said, many of us pray but few of us actually consult God for guidance. We are so busy telling Him what WE want. We think we know it all already and just want God to rubber stamp our 'visions and goals and plans'.

In 2014, this must change. Go to God like a child, confess you are clue-less and ask for fresh wisdom. Wisdom to be a better parent, better business man or woman, better banker, pastor, blogger, friend, sibling. In short, go to God for wisdom to be a better YOU. And like this little boy when you have heard God, stick to what He tells you no matter what. 

People will question you. People will try to get you to change your mind. People will even laugh at you. But because you know the power of your connection with your PapaGod and you trust Him completely, you will stay at your own spot knowing for sure that, in 2014, the bus is going to stop right in front of you. And when you get on the bus, you too will look back at 'them' and say, smiling sweetly: You see, there is a reason for my confidence: The Bus Driver is my Father.
*smiling* Just love it.

Thank you Nkoyo
Thank you Pastor Poju
Thank you PapaGod! To you alone be all the glory!


  1. I need not follow anyone's rules but his. He will break the natural just for me.

    1. You know it! God is ready and able to break protocols for His own....Happy New Year In The.

  2. Thanks so much for truly blessed

    1. I am blessed that you read this and feel blessed Uje. Thank you for coming by and taking the time to drop a word..Happy New Year!

  3. Just the words I needed to hear. Thank you...

    1. You are so welcome Temitope. I am blessed to hear that. Thanks for coming by.

  4. YESSSSSSS!!!!!! This is the post for 2014. I have never heard this story and was wondering why the boy wanted to stay on the other side. Was he stubborn or did he know something the old man didn't know? (I read stories like that, wondering how its going to end)
    Then when I got to the part where the boy smiled and said the "the bus driver is my father", I almost threw my laptop with excitement.

    1. Lol! I mgm and I were listening to the CD in the car and we were both quiet but when we heard the boy say those words, we both just let out a victory laugh like OF COURSE!....Of course, that's why.......the boy was so sure of himself....

  5. I am that little boy and I seriously need to shut my ears and wait where my Father told me to wait.
    Thanks for this post

  6. On a lighter note, I thought his disobedience will lead him to enter one chance. Wonderful analysis here. May God help people like me who sometimes believe we know it all.

    ****Mufasa Said

  7. Thank u for this. I enjoyed it!

  8. I enjoyed and learned from this.

  9. @Mufasa: God will help us all.....we need a lot more humility....a lot more to accept the fact that we don't know it all......

    @Hannah: I am so pleased to hear that. To God be all the glory.....Thanks for coming by.


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