Saturday, 18 January 2014

All Sorted Out Now.

A step by step walk up to
the complete restoration of
all that the devil's SKUD missiles
have destroyed
(Steal, Kill, U, Destroy)!
First of all, I just have to bless the name of my most loving, most merciful and most gracious PapaGod for keeping me till the 16th day of January 2014 so I could attend this truly wonderful programme I am about to tell you about. I am so grateful. I tell you had the enemy known what this would do for me, he would have probably just left me alone jejely instead of brewing up a mad hurricane in my life that set me rushing for cover in the folds of God's robes. Let me explain.

You know there comes a defining moment in one's life when you recognize and understand deep in your spirit, soul and even in your body that  levels have changed. That something has shifted in the heavenlies and it is in your favour. I am living in such a moment right now. How come?  My mgm and I, just attended the 3-day Sorting Out Programme organised by the Reverend Joe Olaiya-led Living Faith Foundation Ministries.

See, this is NOT a deliverance programme, Neither is it just an ordinary prayer conference. I would not call it a teaching programme nor would I say it is just a Faith Clinic either. The truth of the matter is that the Sorting Out Programme is ALL of the above and much more. Much, much more. You will be taught the Word of God, precept upon precept, you will pray for yourself based on what you have just learned out of the Word and even before the one on one consultations/ministrations, you would have performed some serious 'self-deliverance' on yourself so thoroughly, nobody will have to tell you that 'true liberty' has come' for you through genuine repentance, the power of The Atoning Blood of Christ and His Cross, coupled with the removal of hindrances most especially Unforgiveness. I promise you, THIS programme is THE most life-changing, destiny-defining, restorative, spiritual Masterclass you could EVER attend in your life and it is based on the pure, unadulterated Word of God. Not one jot more. Not one jot less.

You know, nothing I can say can fully describe to you what I experienced and I am sure my mgm would say the same and take it from me, IF my mgm says so you have to take a second look at this because he, like many men we know, always think we women are too 'spiri' and some of these things are just not 'logical' or even 'in the Bible'. I was with him, I know he is not the same person. And I seal this blog-testimony in the blood of Christ and know that what God has started, He will perfect in Jesus name. Amen! You see, we both knew fire was burning on the  mountain of our lives and we both knew that we needed to do something drastic quick before 2014 spiralled out of control BUT neither of us was quite ready for what we experienced. Complete Restoration, Re-positioning and Transformation. Glory to God! *dancing my seriously happy and joyful azonto dance*

So here's the thing. Since nothing I say can fully explain the benefits that my mgm and I have reaped spiritually as individuals, as a couple, as parents and as members of our extended families, I have come here today to STRONGLY encourage you to sign up to attend this programme yourself. I know your life will never be the same again and this is no joke. I am so confident that I am prepared to give you your money back if you go and do not come back singing the same song I am singing now. Yes, that's how sure I am about it. I know I shall not be giving anyone any money back. I know it. Because I am sitting here right now barely 2 hours after getting back and the first thing I wanted to do was blog about Sorting Out. I NEEDED to tell you about it. I have spoken to 4 of my close sista-friends already and have more or less mandated them to attend the next one. It was so funny, after speaking to Ibiye, I promised Funkeyi I would not keep her as long as I kept Ibiye recounting my experience....I did not keep her as long. I kept her longer. *smiling*. Then I told you Yetunde that she should not worry, I would blog about it and she could read it then and THEN proceeded to download on her again. *laughing* As for Uju, I did not even bother, I just gave her the gist in full colour. Yes....

*singing* He's turned my mourning into dancing again, He's lifted my sorrow, I can't stay silent, I must gist for my FULL joy has come back! .

Sorting Out is such a thorough, thorough programme. The online forms you will be required to fill may discourage you but don't let it. It is so worth it. If you know the enemy has been stealing from you, killing your dreams and destroying your body, family and harvest and you are FED UP with it all, these online forms should not put you off. And they will not in Jesus Christ's name. Amen. See, what do you have to lose by doing this? Nothing and so much to gain. SO much!

Please go and register. The link below takes you to the full calender and though not stated on the calender, the next Lagos based Sorting Out is scheduled tentatively for 20-22 February 2014 while there are also dates coming up in the same month in the  UK, Ireland and the US (please click for more details)  In Nigeria, it also holds in Abuja and Kaduna and you can contact the numbers stated for each venue for updates and/or more information.

I really hope I have managed to convince you about this. If any voice tells you not to go. I assure you, it is not God's. It can only be the devil because he does not want you to  be free to enjoy all that God has in store for you that, thus far, you have not received. Let me put it this way:. There is a difference between being 'set free; and being 'made free'. If a prisoner is released from his prison cell, he has been set free BUT he is still 'incarcerated', in bondage if he is still dealing with the memories of being locked up or is afraid to venture out of his house because of fear of crowds or past enemies. He will need further help to deal with all of this so that he can be 'made free'. This is how many of us Christians are today. True, we have been set free by The Truth that we have believed and glory to God for that. But you see, Sorting Out helps us walk in this freedom. Sorting Out makes us free indeed.

Yours, from the bottom of my heart
'Sorted Out' Salt

P.S Can I share something more? How I know for sure God's Spirit was in the house? I went to this programme in a foul mood. I was angry and just brimming over with sadness and an acute feeling of hopelessness about some aspects of my life. I honestly did not want to go anymore even though we had filled the forms and committed to being there as far back as early November 2013 or so.  Anyway, I got there and I completely refused to 'fake happiness' which is my usual style. Put everything in a tidy box and 'do chirpy Bola'. I sat there in a blue funk of my own making blocking every body out as best as I could without being utterly rude and I said to God' PapaGod, this is not your fault. You are alright. This is me and I know it. I will pray and I will sing and praise and worship as best as I can BUT I will not pretend that I am OK and I really don't care what anyone thinks about me. All I care about is that your fix me, send your Spirit and let Him melt this iceberg that as taken me over on the inside'. Dear One reading this now, I cannot tell you the hour or the moment that this 'spirit' lifted but when it did sometimes towards the end of the second day, it was like night and day. By the morning of the 3rd day, I was a brand new person. Who did that? Not me. Not my mgm and not any human being. It was God and God alone.  When I shared the testimony at the end, at least  four people said to me they had noticed and wondered what was they understood. Now, they too had even more confirmation that God was in the house.


  1. Wow, what an attestation!!! I can almost 'see' this program already. Praise God for all the wonderful testimonies. That is God in action!!!

  2. I am still brimming over with excitement my Sister.....Such an unforgettable experience.


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