Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ten Reasons Why I Love My Tubbie-Tub

Yes, 2014 is going to be just A-OK!
I think my last born son asked me at least five times about the part II of his birthday blog and each time, I promised him that I would surely do it. The very last time, I promised him that it would be the very last blog I would do in 2013. He smiled. He likes anything that makes him feel special. 

Funny, when I said it, I did wonder what I would do with all the burning 'end of year' blogs I had been mentally blogging...but you know what? I am not sure any one of them is more pertinent than 'Let Go Of THAT Toy' which I posted on Sunday. I mean, what more can I possibly tell you as we close this year? I sincerely believe that God wanted us to know that to truly partner with him for our best year ever, we had to be ready to release ALL to him in 2014. So no need for any other final 2013 blog....well apart from this one to my lovable last born son.....

My dear Aniekan, how do I love thee? Let me count the ten ways:

1. I love you my little tubbie-tub because of the way you smile  that goofy smile of yours that lights up my world. I love your eyes and the way they are so expressive so I know easily when you are happy or scared or confused. I love the way you try to hug me into 'glucgk' which is Aniekan speak for 'hug you till you are crushed with his love'

2. I love how you always want to find out if I am alright quirking your head to one side and saying 'Now, you know you can tell ME mommy' like some grown up shrink. Lol!

3. I love how when I am watching EMHE you are the only one of my children who would actually lean over and look into my face and shout 'Come on mommy! You cannot be crying again!'. When your brother and sister were your age, they would politely leave me to cry as they were not sure what to do. Lol!

4. And no matter how weird it sounds,  I love it when you ask me if I will marry you. Yes, I know. Shame on me but it's just the sweetest thing ever. Errr...but for the records again, No, I am not marrying you! Lol! The Lord, my PapaGod has already kept your wife for you and if it is your beloved Nahira, she will wait for you! So stop stressing! Lol!

5. I love, truly love how much you look like your papa, my mgm. It is one of the many wonders of this world and it makes me feel grateful to God for touching my life with His power like that. 

Yes, Mommy had to sneak in something about
her book,  didn't she? So have you bought one yet? Please do!
So mommy can organize my party for 2!
Thank you Uncle. Thank you Aunty!
6. And guess what? I know I say it makes me mad but in my quiet moments, I know that I love that you still find it easier to sleep when you sleep in our bed! But hey! We are not having any of that in 2014! OK, Mister? Lol!

7. I love how sharp and retentive your mind is and marvel all the time how you can remember all the dates and names of the people you look up on Wikipedia! I love how you love mad science and all things quirky! I love how you laugh out loud at some of  the weirdest jokes and I love how you dance funny ...but there is hope because your sister started out that way and now she can dance. Lol!

8. Your sister said once that you are the child that says what others think but would never dare say. She is right. I love that about you but as you grow up I am trusting God to give you some filters so that you are able to not let this 'gift' become hurtful to others. But I love that you speak your mind.

9. I love how you love your best buddy Adeyemi. I am not sure I have seen such steadfast friendship in a 10 year old before and I pray God it just continues to grow and grow.  I love how you know your mind and are not swayed by popular ideas. You did not want a big party  because you are not a 'party-kind of guy'. You just wanted a party for 2. You and Deyemi and my love, you shall get just that.

10. Finally, my little Tubbie-Tub, I love you just because you are you. You are mine. My son given to me, your Papa and your older ones by a loving God. I am so grateful to have you in my life and I want you to always know that I will always, always love you forever times eternity times infinity and again. 

But more importantly like I always tell you, Your Father in Heaven loves you way more and the best! 

Your Chubbie-Chub


  1. Mummys special love, how are you oh. This love is so sweet to read about oh.( don't mind my Nigerian English but the love your mummy has for you is indeed sweeter than all the lollipops in all the confectionaries put together).
    Continue shining as you grow in stature and favor. And keep making mummy and daddy proud.
    I can see you smiling as you read this comment and I am happy cos I smiled all through this post.
    I hope your mummy puts up a part 3 soon.....

    1. Aniekan says 'I really like your comment...and mummy has to do whatever I want now because my brother and sister have gone back to school....and I want her to write a part 2 too....if she does not I will have to throw a tantrum.....just kidding.'

      Typed as dictated by Aniekan. Lol! Thank you favoured woman for taking the time to leave a comment....He was smiling too as he read it...

  2. awwww...this is so sweet....I shed a tear. nothing beats a mother's love.

  3. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!


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