Sunday, 29 December 2013

Let Go Of That Toy!

 (Thank you Pastor Emeka Odiah, Jesus Embassy VGC for being so on point today. God bless you Sir)

Give it to Go NOW..for the sake of your 2014.
For many parents, this will be easy. For those who are not parents yet, I still believe you will get this. 
Imagine this.

Your child has a favourite toy. It breaks. Your child is devastated. S/he is wailing. S/he comes to you distraught and asks you to fix his/her toy. S/he believes that you can. S/he believes that you have all the power to make things better. To be honest, when it comes to fixing said toy, you do. You reach out to take it but all s/he does is wail and hold on tight to the toy! S/he won't give it to you. If s/he won't give the toy to you, how will you fix it? If it is not released, it cannot be fixed.

'Give it to me' you say tenderly but s/he holds on even tighter and wails even louder. No matter how much you love this child, no matter how much power you have to fix the broken toy, you can do nothing. Because s/he refuses to let go. You, Almighty Parent. Almighty God, are a gentleman, you are not gra-gra. You do not force yourself on anybody. Even your child. Your love is like that. It beckons. It does not coerce. If  the child does not release, if s/he does not trust you enough to let go of the toy......then  there is nothing you can do. Even if it breaks your divine heart.

We are like that child. We want God to fix our situations but we won't let go of them (the situation, the past, the person).  We prefer to talk about it. Post about it. Blog about it. Vex about it. Eke out sympathy for it. Write a book about it. Sing about it. Do Spoken Word Poetry about it and use it to induce tears when needed if we are actors/actresses. We do everything but release it to God.

My brother. my sister, all of the above are well and dandy BUT if we want change to come. If we want God to intervene as we pray each night on tear soaked pillows then we HAVE to LET GO of that 'broken toy' and give it to God so that He can make it better.

As we prepare to cross over into 2014, let's make up our minds to let go of all the 'toys' that are broken in our lives. Let's release them into the hands of God to fix for us. Let's leave them all in 2013 so God can work on them and bring the bits that we REALLY need into 2014 for us.

My love, no matter how much you love that toy, no matter how much you feel you need it in your life, you have got to trust God's love for you more. If in His love, he believes you need it, He will fix it and give it back to you in 2014. Better and Bigger.

So please, for now, Just let go of that toy. Now, on or before 1st of January 2014. Biko.


  1. Salt, hmmmmn thanks for this simple, yet deep piece. Asking for grace and courage to let go. Keep sharing, creating, healing and blessing…us with your words. Have a fabulous 2014 with the right 'toys'! -J.

    1. I wish you the same and more! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement my dear.....Yes, no broken toys are going into 2014 with us.......God will help us all.

  2. "Let go of that toy".
    Really how do we expect God to fix something we haven't placed in His hands? God is almighty and all powerful but he won't force something out of us just because we need it fixed. As u said He is a gentleman but more he has given us choices and so until we choose to ask for his help and give up what needs to be given up, He just won't act.
    At the end,it depends on us.
    Tnx 4 these words. God bless.

    1. Thank you for coming by Peace. May Your name be your testimony in Jesus Christ name. Amen! That simple analogy just gave me such an 'aha' moment. We need to release it all.......holding on it and crying will not solve anything.

  3. Compliments of the season ma'am

  4. Thank you for this....Give it all to God Aloted!

  5. hi Sykik!!! how are u..long time!

  6. @Sykik: same to you love. Same to you. 2014 will be amazing. I can feel it in my bones.

    @Aloted Omoba: Yes, Give it ALL to God.....and when we say ALL, we mean ALL. No holding back. God wants to help in ALL the areas...from growing up spiritually to learning how to swim to letting go of past hurts to being a nicer mom....


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