Tuesday, 24 December 2013

From Salt With Love This Christmas Eve (OR Why I Love Gloo.ng Even More NOW)

I am in super high spirits today. As crazy as my last quarter has been I can see clearly now that, with God, I am still bigger than it all. All the bad, all the sad, all the stressful, all the lows, all the scary, all the confusing, all the nerve-racking, I am bigger than ALL of it. I can never be under any of it because Christ lives in me. Praise God! Do you know just two nights ago or is it even just the night before last, I would not have been able to type out those words so confidently. I was just so in a place of woe that I was really ready to just roll over and let the devil win. But I did not. I chose to fight because the only way the devil wins is if we don't fight. I had no clue how I was going to fight. All I could do was call Pastor B and ask her to pray for me and she did. I closed my teary eyes and went to sleep reminded that no matter how tough the fight was the outcome was fixed in my favour. I would win. If I stood. And I did.
'Tolu' my Account Officer and Dr. O, the 'delivery boy'
In their first 'Service Centre' - The  Living Room
*smiling* How Great is our God!

And here I am standing, trusting God and bubbling over with excitement as I share with you this Christmas Eve a wonderful tale that has seriously contributed to my joy this season. I love LOVE good stories and I love love to write about these things in the hope that someone, somewhere will be inspired. 

There is an incredible amount of power available to the couple who have a shared vision and are connected to God. I am totally blown away by the testimony of the dynamic husband and wife duo - behind the Gloo.ng story. Do you know that up until just this past weekend I did not know that my dear 'Tolu' that I am always sending shout outs to whenever I talk about Gloo.ng (formerly BuyCommonThings.com) is actually the wife of the CEO of the company! I promise I consider this lady the best example of customer-focus I have ever met. She always treats me as if I was the only client they had. She was always so humble and helpful and each time I spoke to her on the phone I would think the company is so blessed to have her on its workforce. People of God, this woman who would carry bags and bags of my goods into my home is the co-owner of this company!!!!!!! 

As if that was not bad enough as I went on and on about it, the CEO shared with me how he himself had delivered orders to my home many times! He knows my security guard well he says! You could knock me over with a feather! As I mulled over this wonderful story and re-called how every and anytime  I had sent in feedback (positive or negative), the CEO would always reply my mails (even though my mails were going to their general box). I could only attribute their responsiveness, their humble demeanour and their service excellence to one thing. Their connection to God. A God that had given them a vision and was their sole source of inspiration. Today, you look at Gloo.ng and would never believe its humble beginnings from the shelves in their home  and the days of the CEO being 'delivery boy'....That's what God does for those who put their trust in Him no matter what and never give up. 

The CEO of Gloo.ng, delivery boy?
Saviour of the world, born in a manger?
I salute Dr. Olusanya and Seyin (apparently 'Tolu' is her 'stage' name *smiling) for their wonderful 'love story', for their service excellence and especially for their extraordinary humility. I also congratulate the entire Gloo.ng team as they move to their new 20,000sqm Service Centre in 2014 (the 5,000sqm got too small!). I am confident that God will continue to bless the work of this couple 'united in God'. What an inspiration! 

You know the company's motto is 'Selling Happiness' and I have bought many, many 'smiles' from them for close to two years now but I know now that what will make me smile the most about Gloo.ng whenever I log on to shop will be their back-story: Dr. O & 'Tolu': The Power of A Shared Vision Anchored in God & Love!

You would wonder why I share this today, Christmas Eve? To be honest, I was going to share three/four random musings but this story sort of took on a life of its own and one paragraph became one blog *smiling* BUT therein lies my point. When God is in a thing, it takes over. No matter how little it starts out, no matter how humble the beginnings......shelves in The Olusanya's home or away in a Manger among goats and sheep......

It becomes Gloo.ng, the biggest online supermarket in Nigeria or the Savior of Mankind, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas in advance to you all and whatever you do tomorrow, let connecting with God be one of them. Please.  

Double Please, do find time to check out my blog tomorrow, I am having a special Guest blogger! 



  1. Thank you for sharing. I am indeed inspired!

    1. I know Anonymous. I know. Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment. Merry Christmas!

  2. I've used gloo from your recommendations and I Loved it. Would def be shopping there alot more now.

    1. That;s wonderful feedback Tommie. Be sure to tell them via twitter please. I tell you now I want to shop every day on Gloo just to be part of their story. Lol! Thanks dia!

  3. Tolu!!! So surprised! And I think I recognise her husband too, seems to have done a delivery for me too!

    Wow! Buycommonthings(I like that name jo :D ) never ceases to amaze AND wow me!

    1. You see, am not the only one who is amazed by this couple. Please be sure to share your experience......I am sure people think I have shares in this company. Lol!!!! But you know what...should it go on the NSE, I shall surely be in line to buy some o!

    2. Tolu friend of G &E Associates thanks for being a great supportive wife and a hard working lady

    3. Thank you Mabel for taking the time to come by and leave a comment. What blows me away the most about Tolu is her humility and her caring heart. I cannot begin to tell 'it all'. She always has a listening ear.....


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