Thursday, 26 December 2013


...The Good Fight
It's good because you have won already
So just FIGHT for what is yours!

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It is sort of fitting that today, Boxing Day, I should be coming here with this war cry: Fight! True, I know that today really has nothing to do with boxing or fighting but come on, most people sort of link the two for some reason and it works for this blog so am sticking to it *smiling*. Anyway, let's move on.....


WHAT am I asking you to fight AGAINST?
First and foremost, I want you to fight against your mind. No matter what you think right now, the real battlefield is right there in your head. Then I want you to fight against anything that will prevent you from spending enough time in your secret place with God acquiring the fight plan and ammunition you need for this battle. Then fight against your 'Past' which is anything, situation, memory, person from your 'Back Then' trying to stop you from your 'Now and Ahead'. 


HOW am I asking you to fight?
Violently. Yes, I mean it. I want you to fight violently because our Bible says that the kingdom of God does what?  Yes, it suffers violence and the violent do what? Yes, we take it by force. Don't even kid yourself. Whether you like it or not, you are a spirit and the battle you are in is a spiritual one. So I want you to fight like a spirit with holy zeal and determination. You know, like a Spartan. Have you watched the movie 300? Do you see/feel the zeal beating like blood in the veins of those 300 men? They were going to give nothing and take everything! Now, that's the attitude we need to have: We need to be God's Spartans (Thank you A people who take what belongs to them by force. 


What do I want you to fight with?
You will fight with the Word of God, it is your sword. You will fight with your mouth it is your smoking gun. You will fight with thanksgiving/praise, it is your silver bullet.You will fight with your lifestyle, it is your armor.  Live in truth, peace and loving obedience to our Holy God. You don't want to leave any chinks in your armor, do you? 


WHY am I asking you to fight?
Because if, like me, you believe God has given you a vision for your life. If, like me, you have acquired a strong, confident faith for something. If, like me, you have 'lambano-ed' (actively received deep in your heart) a Word from God for something, then like me, you are in a battle because the moment you start believing God's word for something the devil comes after you! If you don't fight, the enemy and his weed planters will do all they can to strangle your faith! We cannot have that! We must fight!

This day and all the way into 2014, we must FIGHT our GOOD fight to take all the blessings, riches, dominion and power God has told us belongs to us! Baby Jesus was born yesterday for one main reason. To die. Yes, he was born to come and die in our place. On that Cross, he hung to seal certain exchanges for us. I am asking you to fight to make sure that all those exchanges are perfected in your life! I hate to sound like an ITK bully but it's only because I care and believe me, this is as much for me as it is for you.

In conclusion....

Ladies and gentlemen, here is one thing I have come to believe with all my heart in these past couple of months: The devil only wins if we don't fight

So my fellow God-Spartans, let's just FIGHT!.


  1. Totally agree, the devil only win if we don't fight. Be encouraged to fight the good fight of faith until the very end. Blessings!

    1. Till the very end...when we win it all! Thanks Yvonne! Happy New Year in advance!

  2. Thanks Big Sis. Fight I will, i will fight from a position of victory, not as one that is boxing air. I will fight because that's the reason i have a whole armour of God prepared for me. I will fight because the devil only wins if i don't fight.

  3. I'd Fight against my mind, my past and distractions. I'd Fight with Zeal and determination and I'd fight violently. I'd fight because I have my destiny to fulfil and protect. I'd fight because I can't let the devil win. I'd fight because whether I accept it or not I'm in a spiritual battle already. I'd fight with The word of God in me, I'd fight with my mouths speaking out Fire, I'd fight with praise and Thankgiving, I'd fight with faith, I'd faith by leading more people away from the devil to Jesus.
    I'd fight in 2014 because I cannot let the devil win.

    Time to stop being lackadaisical! Time to Get up and Fight.

    God bless you for this!

  4. @Eloxie: And the devil is not going to win! This is a war and we are waging it with all God has given us....Victory will be ours in Jesus Christ's name. Amen!

    @Peace: Exactly. Many times, we are just so laid back about these things. Meanwhile the devil is not playing games at all. It's really crazy but no more! This is the fight of our lives, for our lives and all that belongs to us and our families. We must FIGHT and do so with all our spiritual might. I appreciate your coming by this blog too.


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