Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Do You Know Doctor Onabowale?

Now before you answer my question, let me share this story with you. Did I say story? Forgive me. Let me share this testimony with you. I am meant to be doing some office work right now but my brain cannot cope with all of that and being as I had not blogged for a while, I have come here to ease the pressure in my head. I know that putting these thoughts down will help me.

So here is the testimony. Exactly one week ago, I was taking my Papa, my Prof for an MRI. He has been feeling poorly and was particularly anxious about his failing eyesight.The day before, the Eye Consultant we had been referred to explained that it was critical to have this MRI done as quickly as possible. I called the hospital that referred us to the Eye Hospital to book an appointment but they said they could not do the exam as their appointment quota for the next day was full. I would have to wait till Wednesday. I was desperate and began calling around to find a Diagnostic Centre we could just walk into and have the MRI done and then go with the results to see a Neurologist. Eventually, I found one in Lekki Phase I and booked the appointment for the next morning.

That morning, it took almost 40 minutes to get my Papa, my Prof down the stairs and into the car. This had not happened before. I am not sure when but my heart began to beat fast and as I sat down behind him I knew something was not right. I honestly cannot tell you that I prayed. I can tell you though that a million thoughts were racing around in my head. If I take this man to a diagnostic centre where there will be no doctors or nurses on hand and his condition gets worse, what would I do? In an instant, I heard God say to me clearly 'Take your father back to Reddington. I will make a way'. I just obeyed. I felt like I was drowning.

We got to the hospital and I rushed in to secure a wheel chair for my dad. By now, we knew he had a problem moving. I had called ahead to be sure his file would be out and as I tried to explain to one of the Nurses that my dad needed an MRI done quickly and that could it be treated as an emergency since today was already full, this gentleman walks up to me. I had noticed him as I rushed through the door but did not know who he was. He asked me what was wrong..When I was done explaining, he took me over to the section that handles MRIs. '

I understand you guys have a full day today' he confirmed from the staff there. 
Yes, we start at 11am and are busy right till 2pm, the lady in charge replied. 
'No, he said to them, you are starting now and you will begin with this lady's father. He needs to have an MRI done right away'. 

Those might not be his exact words but they convey the order he gave that day! All I could do was turn to him with tears in my eyes and say 'Thank you so much Sir, I don't know who you are but thank you!'. He just smiled and walked away. That is how my dad got his MRI done that day. That is how my PapaGod made a way for me that day. Praise, praise, praise God!

But that he kept a helper for me at the entrance of the hospital is only half the testimony. 

Now back to my question up there? Do you know Doctor Onabowale? 

If you do then you know he is the CEO of Reddington and he it was that God placed in my path that day! It was this kind gentleman that God used to 'make a way' for my dad. I have been to this hospital many, many times and have never run into him. Ever! Can you just believe it! How did I even find out? While my dad was having his MRI done, I went back to the MRI section because I wanted to find out who the kind man was. You should have seen their faces when they realized that I did not know who he was. My jaw literally dropped open when they told me. Much later that day after my dad had been admitted and was in his room, I tracked this 'angel' down via the hospital switchboard to thank him again for what he had done. He laughed again saying 'He too was not really sure why he turned back as he was walking by me. I said I did. I knew why. 

You see, Doctor Onabowale turned back and walked over to me because, in God's hands' he was to be 'my way' where there seemed to be no way. And though I could only thank him, I know God will reward him for his obedience that day.

Now, when fears come I banish them with this testimony. There is no way God could have done that for my Papa, my Prof to leave him now less than whole. Lailai! What he started, He will perfect.

Do stand in prayers of agreement with me and my family. Prof. Daniel Oladele Adefolalu is not just healed. He is whole in every way. Jesus Christ died  to give us all total wholeness! And Prof must have it from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet! Amen!!!

Also, if you do know Dr. Onabowale, please thank him for me. OK? It really does say a lot about him.....doesn't it? Or maybe it just means, I am God's special pet. Lol! 

Compliments of the season people!

To God be all the glory!

OK, I feel better now. Let's see if I can do some work.......*smiling*


  1. Thanks for sharing your testimony of how our God steps in to time. As we wade through life's challenges a testimony like this reminds us that we're not alone.

  2. @ Modupe/Hidden Treasures: We are not alone oh. I still marvel at how closely He walks with us....if only we would pay attention.......I am so grateful to know HIm as my Helper. Thanks for coming by. Appreciate it.

  3. Papa is healed in jesus name and really this just shows that God is our ever present help in times of trouble.praise be the name of God as testimonies will continually be our lot.doc onabowale, everything that is yours will surely be protected by God.

    1. Bunmi, my love. thank you. Amen!!!! Thanks alot!

  4. He is healed totally healed in Jesus Name, ur daddy will see the end of 2013 and many more years in good health in Jesus Name. God bless the kind hearted doctor. Just when I thought doctors were indeed heartless He has proven otherwise.
    My lv, be still and know that God is working in ur life.

    ****Mufasa Said

    1. Amen dia. Amen. Yes, Prof will live many more years in Jesus name. Amen. Yes, there are still good people out there.

  5. (singing) 'Awesome God...mighty God, we give you praise, awesome God....' What a mighty God we serve. 'I fear who no fear am o! More glory!! And may Prof's total healing be included in your package for the season. In Jesus name. Amen.

    1. I receive my package o!!!!! In Jesus name. Amen! Thank you Richard. Unlike what some people think, this is not about the Doctor per se. It is about my God who directed the Doctor in my favour. We give him praise in deed!


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