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Why You Should Read 'Double Impact' By Audrey Joe-Ezigbo

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I dedicate this blog to Professor Joe Ezigbo, Audrey's husband. Without him, Audrey would not have these stories, these same experiences to  share and  the book, Double Impact, would not exist as it does today. God bless you richly and as my Yoruba people would say, may you live long for each other, enjoy the fruits of all your labour and finally make heaven in Jesus Christ's name! Amen! 

I still laugh at myself when I remember. There I was on a Tuesday all set to review Audrey's book on a Thursday only to find out I had been preparing to review the wrong book! Yep! I had been doing 'London GCE' over Double Impact instead of Uniquely Woman. Had Audrey not been led by God to send an advance copy of the programme, that is how I would have arrived at the Book Launch that morning only to discover my error too late! Thank God for his mercies and thank God I had always followed Audrey's blog anyway and had also read the book (and still do every once in a while when I am stuck in traffic) so talking about it was not a hard thing for me.

The thing is I am not sure when or how I veered off my own 'assignment' because Audrey clearly told me which book I would be reviewing and why. But the thing is the moment I picked up Double Impact and began to read it I got so excited and before I knew it, I was running someone else's race so to speak. Is that not how life is sometimes? God has given you a task to do. Your own purpose. But some where down the line, you see some other task and it is so exciting, you launch off in that direction forgetting that God had already given you directions for your own journey. Thankfully, God allows u-turns. Just thought to share in case someone else too has veered off their own God-given assignment. Get back on track. Your own track.

So why should you read Audrey's new book, Double Impact? First of all, don't you want to find out what is in this book that totally derailed me off my given task? Lol! I kid you not the book is that good. And the thing is even though Audrey  has written this book to help couples who work together, I can say without any fear that this book is NOT that. No, it is MORE. As far as I am concerned Double Impact has the potential to help ANY couple whether or not they are working a business together. And let's face it, is marriage and building a happy, healthy home not serious business? It is o! So, please read this book:

1. If you are married and you want to know how to work with your spouse to build a 'blue chip' marriage.
2. If you are single & want to learn, now, how to build a prosperous marriage founded on solid truths.
3. If you are married & are thinking of going into business with your spouse. Please read Double Impact first.
4. If you already work with your spouse & want to understand how not to kill each other in the process.
5. If you want to know how to separate home affairs from office affairs & be successful on both fronts.
6. If you are having challenges understanding some of the business decisions your spouse is making.
7. If you want to understand better how NOT to hire people into your work force

I could go on but seven is my favourite number*smiling* and I really want you to read the book and come up with more reasons of your own.Double Impact is a serious two in one book - A Business book and a Relationship book. It is a must read for every couple in business (commercial and marital) choc-ful of wisdom nuggets without being a list of Dos and Dont's. I really brag on God for Audrey and how she has brought all her own experiences building a business from literally nothing with her husband, Professor Joe Ezigbo together in this book. She shares all: highs and lows, mistakes and successes, mis-steps and good steps all in a bid to help you and your spouse. 

I will end by quoting Audrey: 'If you are into business together, your business will be as successful as your marriage'

Think about that for a second especially if you are working with your spouse. The health of your business is a reflection of the state of your marriage. If your business is not thriving, please pick up a copy of Double Impact today. I promise, you will find out what ails you and how to cure it**. Thanks to Audrey and Joe Ezigbo, neither your marriage nor your business have to fail. Just read with a thirsty mind and an open heart and let God show you how, together, you and spouse can be a dynamic duo sitting on the top of  a mega empire - Mr. & Mrs. Double Impact (Nigeria) Limited.

I find it hard to close this blog without hailing my own mgm. Doing business in this country is no joke and I see you, day in day out, go out there and fight for our business and our family. Today, I say I am not unmindful of all your labour  of love out in the marketplace. I know God is taking us somewhere and by His grace, we will get there. Just know that you are truly appreciated and truly loved.....Always. Regardless *smiling*


  1. Blue chip marriage! I love the phrase.

  2. Me too In the midst of her. Me too. Thanks for coming by!


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