Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Too Much Of Me Is Not Good.

'The number you are trying to reach is always available'
We are so glad you called'
(the message you get when you dial God)
I have been doing a lot of pondering in the last two, three, four days. As always when I do this, God was my sounding board. We had been going back and forth over a number of things in my life and I honestly could not really figure out most of it out so I was not really in a content state of mind this morning on my way to work. And that is when God decided to have a sense of humour. At first I was not amused at all.

Let me share our conversation:

Salt: I cannot shout PapaGod, please just send me help. I am tired. I feel like a lab rat on a treadmill.Moving but not getting anywhere.

PapaGod: You are not a lab rat. You are Salt.

Salt: I know that but I cannot help how I feel.

PapaGod:  Remember what you tell people? It's not about feeling, it is what you know that matters. Anyway, you know when I gave you the name Salt, I knew what I was doing.

Salt: *thinking see me see trouble. Did he just change the topic on me?*: PapaGod, what does my name have to do with any of this now?

PapaGod: No, I am not changing the topic at all and yes, did you forget I can read your mind. You see, there is too much 'you' on your mind. A little 'you' is fine but too much of you is not good.

Salt: *not really following*: Still, what does this have to do with you calling me Salt?

PapaGod: It's simple. Salt is good. It makes food taste better but use too much of it and what happens?

Salt *light bulb moment*: It ruins everything! *laughing now* So I am so preoccupied with 'me' that I am ruining the soup of my life. *laughing harder*

PapaGod: *laughing too*: Yes, my beloved daughter. I have called you Salt for two reasons: To be my flavour in the lives of my children BUT also to remind you not to be pre-occupied with yourself. That's my job. You are my pre-occupation. The moment you  find yourself dwelling obsessively on your issues, your situation, your challenges, your future, your goals......remember.....

Too much Salt is not good in anything.

Salt:  *still laughing*: Yes PapaGod. I will remember and do all I can not to spoil the soup of my life again.....

PapaGod: Good, now face your front and leave me to be God in your life. I am moving. Trust me.

I tell you I was still smiling when I got to work. And even before I got to work, I took my mind off me and put it on other people. It really helped. Plus, every time I remembered how God said 'You are my Pre-Occupation', my heart smiled.

Hope sharing this helps someone. 



  1. This is awesome and breath taking salt!!!!!! i just finished praying some few minutes ago and i indeed got a message from this conversation you had with God(may he help me apply it wisely)... the conversation made me have a very wide grinnnnnn till d end.God bless u as it actually jumpstart sth...

    1. Amen. He will. Today I have a new prayer point. Lord, just show me you will for my life and I will make it my prayer point. That's ultimate trust. Join me.

  2. It really helped me... God bless you Salt. God sure has a sense of humor, I'm glad we are made in his image

    1. I know! I think we tend to forget that wonderful truth. We are God's 'clones' so to speak. Of course, we shall be great to the glory of his name. Amen! So happy it helped you in some way.

  3. Awesome Revelation Salt, just awesome. A big lesson to us all not to focus too much on ME, Oh why me God and we throw a pity party focusing on our faults, shortcomings, challenges and desires. If we gave more thought to others, the world would be a much better place.

    1. Thank you Uche UB for coming by. I miss you oh which is a whole lot considering not seen you since school. Other people-centred. That is what we are called to be. That is what Jesus Christ was and is. I just need to really make this sink in.....cos lately I have been so all about me mostly.....

  4. Hi Bola:
    Very refreshing I must add...something different and one that was quite helpful to me. Sure we can loose ourselves and become pre-occupied, especially when things are not happening fast enough for us or going the way we anticipated. Blessings!

    1. Yvonne!!!! I missed you. Thanks for coming by and forgive me for being a stranger. I blame work and LIFE. Yes, especially when we are sick. It's like who else can I think about, I am in pain......But still God asks more of us even in those painful health challenging situations.....to not be preoccupied with ourselves......it is like taking his job from him.......we are his pre-occupation. Last night I could barely sleep. I was so so distraught and I kept saying, PapaGod please preoccupy yourself with giving your beloved sleep!!!! Funny now....but not then.....and you know..I don't even remember falling asleep.....

  5. This ministered to me...The more we focus our attention on situations in our lives, it is easy to lose sight of how big our God is... the more we talk about the greatness of God, the more trivial the challenges become to us. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Chosen Bayo! What an honour! Thanks for coming by and glad this 'spoke' to you. Indeed my PapaGod is bigger than anything I am going through in my health right now. Way Bigger. No, thank you for coming by......


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