Sunday, 3 November 2013

If Death Comes Calling......

A movie to watch again and again
and again.....
This blog is inspired by one of my favourite movies - Meet Joe Black. For some reason, DSTV keeps screening this movie over and over. I for one, am not complaining at all because I absolutely adore the story, the music, the way so much is said with barely no words, the powerful ,powerful skill of Claire Forlani who had to show so much through her eyes and then you add the mad acting skills of Anthony Hopkins. What's not to love? Did I mention that Brad Pitt is in it? Nuff said. *smiling*

Death has a name in this movie. He's called Joe Black. And he, played by Brad, is on holiday or has decided to take time off his nine to five Grim Reaper job to 'live a little'. Forgive me but how else do I put it. Death wants to live a little or at least experience life and he chooses to do it by spending time with Bill Parish, a 65 year old man that has built a very successful media empire. Why does he choose Bill? One, because Bill's time on earth was up but he figured that before he took him, Bill would serve as his guide on earth. Sort of a like a Tourist Guide. Methinks also that Death chose Bill because he wanted to experience as much of life as he could in the short time he had and he felt that Bill Parish was living a very interesting, robust, meaningful life. A life worthy of experiencing. 

My blog today is to get us thinking. Are we living such lives? If Death...Sorry, I mean if Joe Black came calling today, would our lives be so intriguing that he would put off the task of 'taking us home' just so he could live with us and experience some of it with us? What kind of question is that Salt? The kind of question that kept me up all night. You need to watch this movie. By the time Joe Black has to leave taking Bill Parish with him, he is so torn up inside almost and like many of us, wants to hold on to life. Even for Death, letting go of Life was hard. I see that as being partly due to how he experienced life through Bill Parish's realities. Anyway, I have no plan to wax overly philosophical or anything. All I ask is we think about it. Could your life the way you are living it today delay Joe Black?

And one of my favourite lines of the movie comes right at the end when, just as Joe Black is about to lead Bill 'over the divide' Bill asks Joe Black if he should be afraid. To which Death answers with a gentle smile:

A man like you?

Don't you just love the messaging?

It might not be a Christian movie but its message of hope is clear for me, a Christian woman. If I live a life pleasing to God,  seeking to do what is right for people, spreading love to those in my life.....when death comes calling I need have no fear. 

And neither should you.  All we need do now is examine our lives. Are we living our best lives? Or are we waiting for something...................

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  1. Ah.....just sitting here thinking of this movie. I watched it again yesterday and STILL it moves me so. Even LBS asked why I just did not watch the one we have recorded. Lol!


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