Sunday, 24 November 2013


I think I did about twenty-six blogs in my head as I lay in that hospital room. True, most of them had to do with pain and saliva. Tell me, when was the last time you thanked God for never having to think about swallowing saliva, where it goes and what it does? My people are right and as Pastor Seye will tell you, Eni ti o ba mo inu ro a dupe (Salt translation: It is only one who is incapable of thinking that is unable to give thanks to God).
Anyway, in my moments of quasi-clarity I blogged mentally about people. This blog -  Florence. Diana.Theresa - is one of those non-saliva related blogs.


You know her, right? Florence Nightingale? The founder of modern nursing with a heart of gold? She was my nurse in room 403. Her name was Cynthia. For most part, our relationship was based on body vitals checks, drug administration and intravenous injections. I should have disliked her intensely but I did not. Without saying much to her, I liked her. Her spirit was soft and caring and when she came in, unlike the other equally caring nurses, there was just something about her aura that brought soothing and healing somehow. Not sure it can be explained in English. Towards the end, when I was becoming more human and could speak I told her and asked her to recognise her gift. She smiled. I am smiling now as I type these words of thanks to you Cynthia. Thank you for being my Florence Nightingale. I know your gift will make room for you where ever you go. How can it not? It is from God.


If there was someone I felt should make heaven just by being 'good', it would be Diana, Princess of Wales. Call me biased but I really like (ed) her mostly because I believe she had a good heart and wore it on her sleeves. I remember watching her hug ailing children and people living with AIDS and felt she truly cared. Anyway, this is not about Diana per se. It is about Oyemi and Bunmi. They too showed me loving care. I live and work in Lagos and so I know what it means to take time out to go visit an ailing person. You don't have to be the Princess of Wales to show love and concern. All you need is Sprite, Oil and a smile. You might both read this and wonder what on earth is Salt going on about.  Like I told 'Theresa', you cannot understand. It's all good. You don't have to. All I would love you to do is accept my sincere gratitude for being Diana to me. I know that my God will reward your show of love towards me and mine in Jesus name. Amen!.


Mother Theresa? Has there or can there be another? Maybe not but for me, Kemi comes close. Life really is not about how long but how well. It is not about how much but how true. How sincere. I don't know how but right at the onset of this 'saga', Kemi was in 'the know'. I was on her mind she said. She was praying she said. I was wondering 'how far with this woman?'. I think of her and all I can see is her standing on a desk in our Form 3 classroom belting out 'Jesus Christ , Superstar' with Anita as her back up singer! Now, there she was shaking a can of Ginger Ale in room 403 trying to get the gas out so perhaps, drinking it would chase nausea out of my body. In that instant, it somehow made sense that she was singing that song way back then in 1981 or 1982 because here she was by my side, doing good just like Jesus Christ. Yes and just like Mother Theresa.  

I am so  pleased this blog has come out even clearer than it did in my head. It is my prayer that each one of you ladies will read this and as you do, God will hug you close and kiss you on the head saying: That's my girl. Thank you for representing me well! So tell me, what shall I do for you in return now?'

Yes, I can only thank you. I trust my PapaGod. He will reward you. He does not owe anyone. He pays back in full giving double double. 

And that is what I want for you three. Double double of all God's blessings over you and yours in Jesus name. Amen!


P. S. Yes, you are probably right, somewhere, mixed up in this mental blog, a movie was playing.....Not sure which one....but the title also had three female names. Lol!


  1. God bless them BIG for their love and care :)

  2. God bless them for their support, they wont lack helpers in their time of need in Jesus name Amen. Salt, i enjoy reading everything you write.. thank you for using you gift.

    1. Amen, Anonymous, Amen!!!!!! And thank you so much for your encouraging words and for taking the time to visit.

  3. Ahaan, babe d sickness serious like that? As in u were admitted? Wow! So sorry to hear that. I thought its my kind of illness that staying home wt my baby will cure it. The Lord will heal u perfectly in Jesus name. It is well wt u dear. Bet ure a darling sha, and u still managed to send me an sms! May God bless you and renew ur strength in Jesus name, amen.

    ****Mufasa Said


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